Press Release

Thielsch Engineering Offers 4-SYTE System Strategy: A Modern Solution for an Aging Energy Sector

Cranston, RI (Oct. 11, 2011) Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the 4-SYTE System Strategy, an interactive data management program that gives energy and utility companies access to initial design, repairs, updates and operational information of critical boiler and piping systems in “real-time.” This advanced digital program offers immediate solutions for power plants regardless of age, equipment, or staffing concerns.

Economic challenges, combined with an aging workforce, and a need to remain competitive has forced an industry-wide reduction of plant personnel and increased responsibilities. The 4-SYTE program provides the detail and insight needed to streamline the complex tasks of evaluating equipment conditions, forecasting outage budgets and schedules, and performing risk assessments. The program is integrated, updated, and supported by Thielsch experts, which eliminates the need for staff training or additional support.

4-SYTE allows utility personnel to access and manage inspections, repairs and recommendations, as well as the construction, design and operational data associated with any area of piping systems, headers, or pressure vessels within their facilities. The program is accessed through a secure website, allowing plant managers, maintenance managers, and outage planners to access critical plant information from any computer at any time. Thielsch’s 4-SYTE system managers can also access the data and its in-house engineers can assist immediately.

In addition to its simplicity, 4-SYTE benefits include cost savings through risk management and reduced insurance rates, improved budgeting and planning, and increased reliability.  The program has been implemented in numerous plants throughout the United States and continues to offer plant owners and managers a solid solution to reduce outages and keep the power on.

To learn more about this innovative program, please contact Pamela Smoske, 4-SYTE Systems Director at 440-728-8866 or by email at [email protected].  Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is headquartered in Cranston, RI with additional offices in the Midwest and Texas.  The 4-SYTE Systems program is part of Thielsch Field Engineering Services located in Chesterland, Ohio.

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