The clearcurrent® PRO gas turbine inlet filter surpasses 300 installations worldwide

The revolutionary filter introduced in 2012 now installed on turbines worldwide

Operators are snapping up the filter known for delivering predictable, reliable output (PRO)

OVERLAND PARK, KAN.—October 28, 2014—CLARCOR Industrial Air today announced that the number of gas turbines using clearcurrent® PRO inlet filters has reached 300 installations worldwide. This extraordinary number shows how turbine operators have seen the benefits of a filter related to performance and switched over to the clearcurrent PRO.

Introduced to the marketplace nearly two years ago, the clearcurrent PRO was the first inlet filter to put the emphasis on reducing gas turbine degradation. With its innovative PRO technology, standing for Predictable, Reliable Output (PRO), the clearcurrent PRO filter helped operators achieve better performance for their turbines without the worrying hassles of differential pressure spikes.

The clearcurrent PRO is now helping power and utility companies in every major corner of the world with better performance from their gas turbines. It still offers all the same benefits as before, with the added advantage of thousands of hours of run-time experience on turbines in all environments. The inlet filters are now installed in North, Central and South America; Europe; the Middle East; India; China; Southeast Asia; and Australia.

“300 installations is an incredible number, especially from a product launched just two years ago,” said Paul Sennett, GM of Gas Turbine Filtration at CLARCOR Industrial Air. “This demonstrates that turbine operators see the value that clearcurrent PRO offers their plants, and the difference a filter can make to overall performance.”

The clearcurrent PRO was part of an in-depth study by the CLARCOR Industrial Air team to monitor the performance of the filter for several years at a variety of worldwide installations – both coastal and inland sites – to see the effects a filter has on actual compressor performance. Previously, filters were evaluated using only laboratory tests, which is of limited value when it comes to predicting actual turbine performance in real-world environments.

“Every filter company out there stacks up comparably when it comes to standard tests – you wouldn’t survive if you couldn’t,” said Keith White, President of CLARCOR Industrial Air. “We want to put the focus on how it affects your expensive assets – the multimillion dollar turbines these filters are designed to protect. The differentiator comes from our taking a look at both filter criteria plus working with a large turbine manufacturer to understand turbine performance.”

The team found that inlet systems installed with clearcurrent PRO helped maintain output and heat rates, and improved overall turbine efficiency compared with earlier technologies. Reduced degradation is vital to turbine operators that can potentially see savings on maintenance costs, or more revenue, due to increased power generation.

“If you could improve performance by just a few percentage points, that’s a tangible difference and real value added to a power plant’s bottom line,” said Sennett. “In essence, you’re getting extra power at no added cost.”

All of those same benefits remain in effect today, and best of all, the cost advantages of clearcurrent PRO remain unparalleled, allowing turbine operators to protect their compressor and provide better performance, all at a comparable price to a standard, average-performing filter.

Due to the success of the clearcurrent PRO, CLARCOR Industrial Air has embedded the PRO technology to other filters in the company’s portfolio. Operators with static vCell inlet systems and specialized cartridge inlet systems can also now benefit from the advantages.

The clearcurrent PRO cartridges are part of the inlet filter portfolio available from CLARCOR Industrial Air. For an up-close look at the clearcurrent PRO and how an inlet filter can help turbine performance, visit our website at

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