Everett, Washington, July 2014 – Thanks to new technology for bird control, areas such as outdoor cafes, airplane hangers, food processing plants, utility companies, and shopping malls, just to name of few, no longer need to worry about birds upsetting their clean domain.  The new and improved Bird Buffer line of products, created by award winning designer, Gary Crawford,  are the right choice for those who need “invisible protection with visible results.”  Crawford is the original inventor of the patented vapor method for bird control use.

The BirdBuffer Q2, Q3, and TD (Tweeter Defeater) machines were created with intention of using an extremely dry, fine vapor to make birds want to go away and not come back.  This eco-friendly form of bird control uses an OSHA friendly fluid formula, which consists of the extract of grapes.  Birds don’t appreciate the smell of the vapor and basically pack up and leave the area.

BirdBuffers are safe, proven, cost effective, and humane.  For more information, contact BirdBuffer LLC for a free evaluation or quote.  (866)557-4274  info@birdbuffer.com   www.birdbuffer.com.