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Seeq Announces New Version, and adds Managing Director for European Operations

Seeq expands machine learning and publishing functionality in new R20 release, and adds new Managing Director for European Sales office.

SEATTLE, June 5, 2018 – Seeq Corporation announces the release of its second update to their Seeq software application in 2018, staying on plan to provide four new releases each year. Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly wrangle, investigate, and share insights on manufacturing data. Target markets include oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

Seeq also announces their new Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) office will be led by Seeq Managing Director for EMEA Mike Purcell. Mike is a longtime industry veteran who was most recently the Vice President for OSIsoft EMEA, responsible for partners, marketing, and sales in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets. Seeq currently has sales offices across the United States and has direct representation in Europe, as well as resale and services partners on six continents.

“We are excited to announce availability of R20 and expanded sales territories,” says Steve Sliwa, CEO and co-founder of Seeq Corporation. “Together with the new features in Seeq, we are making a more compelling product available to additional customers in Europe.”

Recent releases of Seeq have focused on enabling larger deployments through scalability features in the software by making the Seeq application easier to use. New R20 features include the ability to have live updates to Seeq Topics, which are a way to publish insights from Seeq to other users; expanded machine learning functionality for customers doing predictive analytics with Seeq; and an improved query model for customers bringing in contextual data from SQL-based data sources to provide faster connections to big data sources.

These leading features are in addition to addressing requests from users in the Tools Panel, scripting, and administration capabilities. Finally, Seeq R20 includes new integration support for Inductive Automations’ Ignition SCADA system including integrated display window capabilities.

Ignition is an innovative SCADA platform used in more than 100 countries, and is the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential. Ignition empowers industrial organizations around the world and in virtually every industry, with an outstanding software platform and top-notch support.

“We are very happy to have Seeq’s support for the Ignition platform, which we describe as The New SCADA because it redefines SCADA technology and licensing,” notes Don Pearson, chief strategy officer for Inductive Automation. “Many attendees at our annual Ignition Community Conference were very pleased with the flexibility and productivity offered by Seeq.”

Seeq and the Ignition SCADA platform, working together, form a great combination, enabling customers to get the best of Ignition’s innovative monitoring and data management platform—as well as Seeq’s rapid, interactive analytics on collected data.  Customers can achieve insights to improve production results, a task that was often too time consuming in the past.

In addition to Inductive Automation, Seeq continues to partner with many leading process automation firms including Emerson Electric, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and OSIsoft. Seeq also provides support for all leading data historians, making it the most widely accessible and extensively used advanced analytics solution among process manufacturing companies. Supported historians include OSIsoft PI System, GE Proficy, AspenTech IP21, Emerson DeltaV Continuous Historian and Ovation DCS Historian, Honeywell Uniformance PHD Historian, Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Historian, Inductive Automation’s Ignition Historian, DataParc Historian, Aveva’s WonderWare Historian, Citec SCADA, and eDNA Historian—with others in development.

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About Seeq Corporation

Founded in 2013, Seeq is a privately held company that publishes Seeq, an application for engineers and operations analysts to rapidly find insights in process manufacturing data. Seeq is currently being used in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, utility, renewable energy and many other process industries to improve production outcomes including yield, margins, quality, and safety.  Seeq is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with employees across the United States and sales representation in Canada, Europe, and South America.  For more information visit Seeq online at