MILWAUKEE, June 5, 2013 – Advancing the industry’s performance further, Rexnord recently introduced its new Thomas® XTSR52 and XTSR71 Disc Couplings, an offering with enhanced features that provide customers with the highest value solution for rotating equipment.

“Committed to evolving with customers and their needs, Rexnord has advanced the Thomas Series 52 and 71 with the launch of the Thomas XTSR Disc Coupling offering,” explains Santanu Debnath, Director, Commercial Operations, Coupling.

The Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings are used by rotating equipment engineers in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation.

Combining compact size and powerful performance, the Thomas XTSR52 and XTSR71 provide customers with:
•    Optimization for the industry — the offering features higher torque, lower mass and an all-metric design.
•    Simple installation and maintenance — the combination of modular components, ability to retrofit to Thomas and John Crane Metastream hubs, tapered bolts, unitized disc pack, integrated balancing hardware, and clear product markings, allow for ease of installation and maintenance.
•    Strengthened operation and safety — multiple features, including an anti-flail ring, overload bushings, standard manganese phosphate coating and optional torque overload protection system provide increased equipment operating safety.

“We continually seek out customer needs and find ways to add value to the Rexnord coupling product line that our customers demand, and this new design has helped us achieve that,” explains Michael Skowronek, Director, Global Portfolio Management, Bearings and Global Coupling.

To learn more about Rexnord’s new Thomas XTSR coupling offering, go to for more information, including:
•    Online disc coupling product selector for trouble-free coupling selection
•    Technical white paper, “Disc Coupling Dilemma: Torque Density vs. Durability”
•    Product data sheets and drawings
•    Installation manuals and brochure

With a complete portfolio and a history of providing coupling solutions for close to a century, Rexnord provides customers with a full selection of disc, grid, gear, elastomeric, fluid and composite couplings — all manufactured for quality, reliability and easy maintenance.

About Rexnord

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