Dublin, Ireland (March 15, 2021) – The pandemic has greatly accelerated eco-sensitivity and eco-action over the last year inspiring a push for a global green recovery. Enterprise Ireland, the most active venture capital fund globally, has launched a new green innovation-focused campaign ‘Ready for a Green Future’ across the organization’s 40 international offices showcasing the many Irish-based companies delivering sustainable and low-carbon solutions.

The initiative highlights Irish green innovators who support the climate agenda, sustainability, the idea of building back better than before, and are making a positive impact by solving complex technical and environmental challenges. These Enterprise Ireland clients are delivering sustainable and low carbon solutions to make renewable energy viable; reduce energy waste in our cities with smart technology; reduce agricultural waste and make construction cleaner.

“St Patrick’s Day is the day the world turns green as we come together to celebrate our national holiday. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase Ireland’s green innovators and the positive contribution they are making to industries across the world,” said Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment. “Moving away from fossil fuels and decoupling emissions from economic progress is the biggest challenge facing this generation. Ireland is fully committed to playing its part in the global effort. We are committed to reducing emissions by 7% on average by 2030 and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Enterprise Ireland’s Ready for a Green Future campaign highlights some of the Irish companies who are the early movers, the trail blazers who have sustainability at the core of their business. This St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to showcase these green innovators and the positive contribution they are making to industries across the world.”

As part of this campaign, Enterprise Ireland will host over 50 virtual events across the world engaging international partners to support the growth of Irish enterprises globally. Nine of the 50 virtual events will take place in the US, covering a range of topics from a discussion on the future of energy to a US Chambers of Commerce Event to a pre-show pitch event at South by Southwest (SXSW), further highlighting innovative Irish companies and solutions. Another key event will be a virtual Roundtable discussion held on March 16th to bring together a group of panelists to discuss the economic impact of Irish businesses in the US. The panelists include Ireland’s Ambassador to the US and experts from ICON plc, TWIN Global, and Enterprise Ireland who bring valuable perspectives and experience to the table on this topic.

“Encouraging our Irish portfolio companies to reduce their carbon footprint and capitalize on opportunities emerging from the low-carbon transition is a key strategic priority for Enterprise Ireland,” said Sean Davis, Regional Director of North America, Enterprise Ireland. “Research, innovation and new technologies will play a vital role in enabling a greener future especially at a time where there is a strong focus on a green recovery across the world, the US and Ireland. This St. Patrick’s Day we are showcasing some of Ireland’s best green innovators and key actors in our research and innovation ecosystem, who are enabling industries such as agriculture, construction and transport to be more sustainable, make buildings greener, cut pollution and support renewable energy production.”

Some of the Enterprise Ireland clients featured in the ‘Ready for A Green Future’ campaign are:

  • CitySwift is combating the climate crisis by using data to strategically improve public transit and making the most sustainable modes of transport more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Davra is partnering with companies to use data for improved efficiency and environmental safety.
  • GridBeyond is enabling cost-effective decarbonization through advanced energy intelligence.
  • Hanley Energy is providing customized, efficient energy solutions to the world’s most power heavy industries.
  • Ocean Energy is capturing and converting the power of waves into electricity through unique technology.
  • XOCEAN is operating an uncrewed, carbon-friendly vehicle to collect marine data with 1,000 x fewer emissions than an ordinary vessel.