LANCASTER, PA — Phoenix Power Group (PPG) in partnership with its strategic partner Clean Burn is happy to announce that we have successfully operated the Phoenix-10 waste oil electrical generator while tied to the power grid.  The event demonstrated the successful functionality of the first ever small-scale waste oil power generator, and marks the commencement of full system beta testing.  The testing will be performed to ensure durability and dependability of the marketed units and to conduct a final comprehensive environmental emissions evaluation.

PPG, in concert with Cyclone-WHE, LLC, is currently in discussions with TopLine Energy Systems, LLC, a global manufacturing leader of engine parts for new and after markets, to build the commercialized WHE25 external combustion engine .  This engine is at the heart of the Phoenix-10 genset. 

The Phoenix-10 is a unique alternative energy power system designed for producer of waste energy in the form of used oil.  Once in production, the Phoenix-10 will allow thousands of automotive service centers to recycle their used motor oil in an environmentally-friendly and profitable manner. The system will produce up to 10kW of power that can off-set a facility’s peak electricity consumption. 

"We are thrilled with the progress and the initial full-system tests of the Phoenix-10, and truly believe we witnessed a historic event," stated Thomas V. Thillen, President of PPG. "This is new breed of renewable power generation – one that will provide garages and lube centers throughout the world an immediate revenue producing opportunity from the disposal of their waste materials."

In addition, PPG has entered into a verbal agreement with Clean Burn, LLC, the world leader in waste oil furnaces and boilers to expand their sales and distribution support to include Europe. “Due to Clean Burn’s experience, expertise and overwhelming success in the North American and overseas markets, it was an exciting opportunity for us to expand their distribution network to include the European countries,” stated Doug Petty, Vice President of PPG.  “We have obviously created a world-wide buzz regarding this revolutionary technology due to the numerous inquiries regarding the availability of the Phoenix-10 from interested parties in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe,” Petty stated.    Additional information is available at www.phoenixpowergroup.comor by contacting Doug Petty at

There are over 80,000 Clean Burn functional furnaces and boilers located throughout the world that burn millions of gallons of waste oil each year on-site, at the point of generation. This volume of waste oil would otherwise be transported on highway systems and pose a considerable risk to spills and/or contamination to the environment.

Clean Burn is an ENERGY STAR® partner. The company holds numerous industry certifications and works with the U.S. government, the Environmental Protection Agency and various associations to help coordinate the establishment of standards and regulations related to heat recovery and recycling efforts involving used motor oils. For more information on Clean Burn, visit or call 1-800-331-0183.