PlantState Suite Mitigates Abnormal Situations to Improve Plant Safety, Reliability, and Productivity 

HOUSTON, TX — May 3, 2016 – PAS, Inc., the leading solution provider of cybersecurity, process safety, and asset reliability in the energy, power, and process industries, today released the latest version of its PlantState Suite™ (PSS) software, featuring the industry’s first operational risk dashboard. The new PSS mobile-friendly dashboard provides plant managers and operators with centralized alarm system, control loop, boundary, and other operational analytics for improved situation awareness, plant safety, and profitability. PSS 8.0 also features operational boundary-based opportunity cost tracking and advanced event analytics.

“PAS continues to demonstrate industry leadership and innovation with its recent release of PSS,” said Chris Witte, Senior VP, Freeport Site Manager at BASF. “We have used PSS across our enterprise for more than 10 years and have seen demonstrable improvement in plant safety and profitability as a result. PSS gives us invaluable operational insight. We are excited to see that insight extended further with a new dashboard incorporating and analyzing multiple data sources within a single application – helping further reduce operational risk in the plant.”

PlantState Suite 8.0 provides actionable information on alarm systems, control loops, and operational boundaries to improve operator situation awareness and help plant personnel mitigate abnormal situations. PAS continues to invest in building innovative software that makes plants safer and more productive with the following new features:

Operational Risk Dashboard: Provides operational clarity and decision support for plant personnel and management teams with:

oCentralized operator KPIs including alarm data, control system performance, safety instrumented system status, operating envelope analysis, and many more

oPerformance measurements against industry standards

inBound Opportunity Cost Tracking: Enables prioritization of production opportunities within operational boundaries to improve profitability

Advanced Event Analytics: Provides control system asset and process event analytics

PAS solutions are installed in more than 1,100 industrial facilities in 70 countries, including 9 of the top 15 largest power companies, 14 of the top 15 largest chemical companies, and 12 of the top 15 largest refining companies. PAS also provides responsive maintenance and support services, acting as a long-term partner to meet its customers’ future operational needs.

“PAS has focused on delivering solutions that improve operator situation awareness for more than 20 years,” said Rick Willett, VP, Operations Management business unit at PAS. “We are excited to continue this tradition with the release of PSS 8.0, which addresses common operational challenges such as optimizing alarm management performance, identifying opportunities to optimize production goals, improving asset reliability, and most importantly, minimizing risk.”

About PAS PAS is a leading provider of software solutions for cybersecurity, process safety, and asset reliability to the energy, process, and power industries worldwide. PAS solutions include cyber asset management and operations management, and are installed in more than 1,100 facilities worldwide with more than 41,600 users. For more information, visit Connect with PAS on Twitter @PASGlobal or LinkedIn.