Press Release

OPSWAT Enhances its OT Security Solution with Improved Capabilities for Control and Visibility

OPSWAT has enhanced its MetaDefender OT Security solution, empowering organizations with enhanced visibility and control over their Operational Technology (OT) environments.

In today’s increasingly complex industrial landscape, industrial and OT teams require complete asset visibility without disrupting OT networks and devices. MetaDefender OT Security addresses these challenges head-on, offering a purpose-built cybersecurity solution tailored to analyze OT networks, assets, and protocols, as well as manage risks to OT assets through anomaly detection, prevent insider threats, meet compliance requirements, and maintain proper network architecture and segmentation.

With an improved Management Console, organizations can now seamlessly oversee multiple sites and distributed networks from a single, centralized dashboard, and leverage multi-network support, remote patch management, role-based access management, and active and passive monitoring. Importantly, the integration with OPSWAT’s Industrial Firewall and IPS allows organizations to move beyond traditional visibility tools to control how communications flow through their critical networks. This advanced level of control paired with visibility enables operational teams to better manage and secure their most valuable assets.

“OPSWAT is committed to empowering organizations with innovative cybersecurity solutions that address the unique challenges of OT environments,” said Yiyi Miao, Chief Product Officer at OPSWAT. “With these enhancements to MetaDefender OT Security, we’re providing industrial and OT security teams with the capabilities they need to achieve better visibility and control over their distributed OT networks, ultimately strengthening their cybersecurity posture.”

This announcement follows the launch of new enhancements to the MetaDefender Kiosk series earlier this year and is a testament to OPSWAT’s consistent innovation and ability to meet market demands, helping customers to better secure their critical environments.