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Northeastern’s Wind Technology Program Receives Donated Nacelle from NextEra Energy Resources

STERLING, COLO. – Sept. 30, 2019 – NextEra Energy Resources is donating a fully-functional decommissioned wind turbine nacelle to Northeastern Junior College’s Wind Technology program as a learning tool for one of the nation’s top wind technology education programs.

A nacelle is the protective shell that houses all of the turbine machinery atop a wind generation tower. The nacelle donated by NextEra Energy Resources includes the driveline, gearboxes, generator, and braking systems that comprise a wind turbine.

NextEra Energy Resources, one of the largest energy generation companies in the United States, is a major supporter of the college’s wind program. Northeastern is ranked among the top eight schools in the country for its wind technician academic program, and is the only fully accredited wind technology college in Colorado. NextEra Energy Resources recently delivered the nacelle to the college’s Applied Technology Campus in Sterling, where it will be used as yet another hands-on learning laboratory tool.

“We’re very appreciative of NextEra Energy Resources’ generous support through these types of equipment donations,” said Jim Lenzen, Assistant Director of Renewable Energy at Northeastern. “It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Students benefit from the real-world experience they acquire from work they are tasked to perform on these donations, and NextEra Energy Resources reaps the benefits from our pipeline of graduating knowledgeable, highly skilled, work-ready technicians.”

NextEra Energy Resources operates more than 180 wind farms in the U.S., including the Logan Wind Energy Center, a 201-megawatt wind site near Peetz, Colo. where several Northeastern alumni currently work as maintenance technicians.

For more information regarding Northeastern’s Wind Technology program, contact Jim Lenzen at [email protected], or by calling 970-521-6798. Prospective students can get more information as well by contacting Northeastern’s Admissions office at [email protected], or 970-521-7000.

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