Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation is proud to announce its well-known Mountaineer® Sizer has been upgraded and redesigned with the consumer in mind. The Mountaineer® II Sizer is now available and offers significant improvements over other standard cantilevered Sizer designs. The changes are based on what Sizer users worldwide have told us they wanted. 

"I am excited about this latest Mountaineer® II Sizer. It shows how working closely with our customers we can improve on an already robust design," says Doug Sublett, Vice President of Power & Mining for TerraSource™ Global.

"I believe the new Mountaineer® II Sizer provides the robust features of the original design, but incorporates additional maintenance features that add significant durability to the unit," continued Sublett.

Among the improvements to the Mountaineer® II Sizer is the independent modular link gear box used for rotor synchronization. The isolated link gear box can be quickly changed or repaired without disturbing other drive components. It also features a single base frame with a unique modular approach in servicing drive and rotor components.

The rotors are more easily serviced with the timing gears removed from the rotor shaft. New bolt-on tooth segments make changing crushing wear parts easy and reduce maintenance and down-time.

The Mountaineer® II Sizer uses industry standard off-the-shelf gear reducers and couplings, providing superior availability and customer choice.
We’ve incorporated more technology to protect against tramp materials. Plus, smart motor protection switches and torque limiting devices can be included with the new machine or as an aftermarket feature to the Mountaineer® II design.

The Mountaineer® II Sizer is available in a wide range of models, handling top size up to 1,500 mm and material strengths to 170 Mpa.

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About Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation:

Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation, a division of TerraSource™ Global, manufactures size reduction and related equipment to crush coal before it is used as fuel in the steam furnaces of coal-fired power generation plants, and it also serves other industries such as mining, quarrying and glass making. Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation is the leader in the U.S. in selling size reduction equipment and replacement parts to electric utility companies. Crushers and Sizers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and each machine is built-to-order to meet the customer’s specifications.

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