Vantaan Energia has chosen Metso to rebuild the gas turbine control system at its Martinlaakso power plant in Vantaa, Finland. The rebuilt automation will increase turbine reliability and availability.

New automation will replace the existing turbine control system that has reached the end of its life cycle. The delivery scope also includes overspeed and vibration protection for the turbine, changes to turbine hydraulics, field engineering, installation, factory assembly testing and operator training.

A gas turbine simulation model will test the control application and also be used for training. The turbine controller will be integrated with the Metso DNA automation system, which now controls all three Martinlaakso power plant units. Thanks to existing connections, the solution is easy and cost efficient for the customer. The rebuilt control system will begin operation in November 2013.

Vantaan Energia and Metso have cooperated closely on many projects since the 1980s. Once this project is completed, Metso will have modernized all of Martinlaakso turbines – one gas turbine and two steam turbines.

Metso has supplied turbine controls to many modernized gas turbines. For example, users in Finland include Helsingin Energia’s Kellosaari power plant, Lahti Energy’s Kymijärvi power plant,

Lappeenrannan Lämpövoima’s Mertaniemi power plant and Fingrid’s Tahkoluoto power plant. Metso offers a total concept for steam, gas and hydro turbine controllers, including machine monitoring, information management and the possibility to integrate them into a mill-wide distributed control system. Having the engineering tools in the control system creates a deeper view into the process.

The concept includes many powerful benefits, one of which is the possibility to perform an online IO exchange on a running control system and machine without jeopardizing the operation of the unit. This saves on downtime costs and lost production while boosting revenues. Other advantages include the remote access by Metso specialists for online analysis and support. Metso supports its control systems for at least 25 years and provides them with new software that communicates with the existing system without any need to redesign or re-engineer.

Vantaan Energia Oy is one of Finland’s largest urban energy companies. It is owned by the cities of Vantaa (60%) and Helsinki (40%). The Martinlaakso power plant produces about two-thirds of Vantaa Energia’s electricity output and most of its district heat. The total electrical capacity of the plant is about 195 MW and thermal capacity is 330 MW.

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