Press Release

MAN Diesel & Turbo to deliver 278 MW to Bangladesh

MAN Diesel & Turbo has been ordered to deliver a total of 15 18V48/60 gensets to Bangladesh by its new customer Confidence Power Holdings Ltd. The gensets will have a capacity of 18.55 MW each and supply three new power plants in the south Asian country. Two of the plants will generate 113 MW each in baseload electricity for the city of Bogra, while the third one will feed 56 MW into the grid of the seaport of Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second biggest city.
Next to the gensets MAN will also provide auxiliary equipment and supervise power house construction and commissioning of the engines. Additionally, a long-term spare parts commitment was agreed on with MAN PrimeServ, MAN’s global after-sales brand. The overall volume of this order is in the three digits million Euro range.
“Bangladesh is one of the most important power markets for our company”, says Wayne Jones, Chief Sales Officer at MAN Diesel & Turbo. “We are looking at an installed base of close to 1.5 GW in this country, and we firmly believe that we have a very clear understanding of the needs of our customers in this market. Thanks to this we have been able to gain the trust of Confidence Power, one of our new customers and we are of course very proud of our achievements to date.”
Bangladesh is not only the most densely populated country but one of the rapidly growing economies of the world. “The need for electricity is enormous: At present, the total installed capacity is countrywide around 16GW with only 80% of population having access to electricity”, explains Waldemar Wiesner, Head of Region for Middle East & Africa with MAN Diesel & Turbo’s power plants business. “The Government has therefore successfully initiated a growth program for the power sector, which has already triggered the ongoing construction of around 2.5 GW in engine power plants and targets an additional 6 GW until 2021.”
The city of Bogra has a population of around 780,000 people and acts as the major commerce hub in Bangladesh’s Bogra District. Often called the “Town of Banks”, it is the location of numerous online banking facilities, credit card, debit card, and money gram companies. Chittagong is a major coastal city and financial center in southeastern Bangladesh. It has a population of more than 2.5 million, making it the second largest city in the country.