Today, Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania (CJFP), a coalition dedicated to advocating for the continued operation of Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) and nuclear power plants across Pennsylvania, announced that 16 local communities have passed resolutions in support of nuclear energy. They include:

  • Dauphin County
  • Lancaster County
  • York City
  • Conoy Township
  • Londonderry Township
  • Lower Swatara Township
  • Middle Paxton Township
  • Peach Bottom Township
  • Delta Borough
  • Goldsboro Borough
  • Halifax Borough
  • Highspire Borough
  • Hummelstown Borough
  • Royalton Borough
  • Steelton Borough
  • Steelton-Highspire School District

“We are thrilled at the outpouring of support from communities for Pennsylvania’s nuclear plants,” said Co-Chair of CJFP Mike Pries. “Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power plants generate a lot more than just clean energy. They sustain well-paying jobs and are economic drivers for our communities. The response that we’ve seen from these communities shows that there is widespread understanding of how critical nuclear energy is to our way of life and passionate support for keeping it in the energy mix.”

Nuclear energy accounts for 38 percent of all of Pennsylvania’s electricity, more than any other source. Additionally, the state’s five nuclear energy facilities produce 93 percent of Pennsylvania’s carbon-free electricity. These facilities directly employ more than 4,900 highly-skilled workers, indirectly account for approximately 16,000 jobs and contribute $2 billion annually to the state’s economy.

In its resolution, the Dauphin County Commissioners urged “the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to support policies to preserve Pennsylvania’s nuclear energy plants, because of their support for our local economy by creating thousands of jobs, strengthening our commitment to a pollution and carbon-free environment, and ensuring a more reliable electric grid for consumers and businesses.” These sentiments were echoed in the resolutions passed by the other local governments.

CJFP has attracted 719 members who have signed up to show support. The members include a diverse collection of local business, labor, environmental, education, civic and elected leaders who have come together to support the continued operation of Three Mile Island and the Commonwealth’s four other nuclear plants, in recognition of the benefits they provide the Commonwealth and local communities. CJFP’s membership spans Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties.

“Here in Steelton Borough, we know firsthand how important nuclear energy is for reliable electricity, the environment and local economies,” said Steelton Borough Manager Doug Brown. “We’ve witnessed these benefits and know that it would be a real blow were Three Mile Island Generating Station to close.”

“Several other states have already taken important steps toward ensuring nuclear facilities continue to serve communities,” said Londonderry Township Manager Steve Letavic. “We’re proud to see support for similar action grow within the Commonwealth.”