Press Release

JONSOL Partners with Ampt to Offer Flexible PV plus DC-coupled Storage Solution

FORT COLLINS, Colo. & BOBLINGEN, Germany (June 13, 2023) — In partnership with Ampt, the world’s #1 DC optimizer company for large-scale PV systems, JONSOL, the German manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance photovoltaic (PV) modules, announced today that it is the first module and system supplier worldwide to offer an optimized PV plus DC-coupled energy storage solution. JONSOL has been working with Ampt to develop a much-needed string inverter-based DC-coupled PV+storage solution that delivers cost savings through flexibility, scalability and simplicity.

The pre-engineered JONSOL solution is comprised of JONSOL modules, Ampt String Optimizers and a bidirectional battery inverter to provide a flexible PV+storage design block that scales from small microgrids to larger industrial-sized PV systems that can be deployed on rooftops, in the field or floating on water.

The JONSOL solution can be operated in parallel on the DC side to connect several bidirectional inverters to a single high-capacity battery. The solution is compatible with lithium-ion batteries and other commercially available battery types to provide flexible storage capacity and durations to meet specific application needs like peak shaving or ancillary services. The inverters can also be connected in parallel on the AC side in unlimited numbers for a wide range of system sizes.

Ampt String Optimizers are DC/DC converters that perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) on each string of PV modules. With Ampt, the PV array is connected through the optimizers and directly to the DC bus between the battery system and inverter. Ampt optimizers also include V-match® technology, allowing the optimizers to deliver full available power from the array while automatically matching the DC bus voltage as it changes with the battery state of charge. In addition, Ampt optimizers capture the energy that would otherwise be lost to increase the lifetime production of the system.

By pairing the bidirectional battery inverter and Ampt power management components together, the JONSOL PV plus DC-coupled energy storage solution eliminates the need for a dedicated PV inverter to save on equipment costs and improve the system’s round-trip efficiency. The string inverter-based design using a battery inverter also achieves higher uptime to improve lifetime performance. It has fewer conversion losses, better reactivity, and faster response times compared to other systems on the market. When combined with JONSOL modules, customers benefit from a fully compatible and integrated solution.

JONSOL modules range from high-performance half-cell modules up to 700Wp power ratings with full black, glass-glass, and bifacial series available. JONSOL also has high-quality modules designed for special applications, e.g., floating PV systems. With production facilities in Europe and Asia, international customers benefit from durable modules backed up by a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee – including coverage by a well-known independent German insurance provider for additional assurance.