February 2011-A new Doosan DL200 wheeled loader is providing high productivity and reliability for loading work at the Tampieri Spa di Faenza industrial complex near Bologna in the province of Ravenna in Northern Italy. Tampieri Spa di Faenza is a business specialising in the production of vegetable oils and in the distillation of agricultural waste products. The DL200 wheeled loader is being used for loading waste products from grape processing for use in a facility for producing electrical power. 

The work is being carried out by MMT, a Russian company based in Ravenna, which is involved in a wide variety of activities including earthmoving. Impressed by the performance of Doosan excavators in the company’s earthmoving operations, MMT decided to add a Doosan DL200 model to its fleet of wheeled loaders working at the Tampieri plant.

MMT is contracted to handle the enormous quantities of oil seeds and other waste products formed by the grape pressing process. This material is used as fuel for groups of boilers which produce electricity (up to a nominal power of 25 MW) intended either for internal consumption at the plant or for use in the national grid.

This is a tough application (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) where reliability is extremely important. The DL200 loads pomace and grape seeds into drier hoppers to improve their combustibility, a task which is demanding because it is non-stop.  Operations are conducted 24/7 because the boilers need to be fuelled continuously to ensure the required levels of electricity are being produced.

The excellent reliability and productivity provided by the DL200 are confirmed by Rossano Pezzi, owner of MMT. “This is the first Doosan wheeled loader in our fleet,” he said. "The application is particularly demanding more because of the heavy working cycles than the type of product being loaded.

“We totalled over one thousand operational hours during the first month alone. The operators, who alternate over three shifts a day, tell us that visibility and comfort are excellent and so is the manoeuvrability. However, I think that the most outstanding features of the DL200 are most certainly its low cycle times, even when performing several movements at the same time, and above all, the fuel consumption, which is much lower than that of the wheeled loaders from other manufacturers that we are using at the same plant. I think that today more than ever this factor is decisive because rumours of new increases in fuel prices abound.”

In little more than four months, the DL200 wheeled loader has already clocked over four thousand hours of trouble-free operation. It is a reputation for performance and reliability that defines all Doosan products.

Rossano Pezzi believes that this aspect is especially important. “Reliability is a key requirement when choosing any product, as are routine servicing costs", he added. “We use Doosan excavators for earthmoving, a core business of our company, and so we were already well aware of how reliable the brand was, but for the application required by Tampieri we needed the certainty of a service capable of carrying out all scheduled servicing operations rapidly and cost-effectively. The service in this respect offered by our local Doosan dealer, DMO, has added value to our choice of the DL200. In the future, we are planning a gradual replacement of all our fleet with Doosan machines because we now have direct experience of the cost/benefit advantages that I believe no other manufacturer apart from Doosan can guarantee today.”

The DL200 wheeled loader weighs 11.9 tonne and is normally equipped with a 1.9 cubic metre bucket. The DL200 purchased by MMT is fitted with a custom-designed bucket but the rest of the machine is standard, with features that make it a leader in its class. For example, the Doosan DL6 Common Rail engine provides 107 kW of power at 2100 rpm and its low fuel consumption is a stand out feature. Despite its low emissions, the engine supplies ample power to both the driveline and hydraulic system for rapid, simultaneous movements. The performance of the DL200 is enhanced by the presence of a bucket stabiliser for working on rough terrain and a load sensitive sensor ensures accurate movements in accordance with the load and regardless of speed.

In common with the eight other models in the Doosan wheeled loader range, the DL200 offers the benefit of high engine reliability and high quality components that ensure reduced wear and tear. This results from a combination of specially selected materials and strict pre-production tests that ensure the highest standards of durability and reliability that only a handful of manufacturers can offer. One of the advantages offered by the high reliability levels is the cost-effective running costs experienced by companies such as MMT. There are a number of other features that together reduce maintenance and repair costs such as easy-to-reach hydraulic test ports, sophisticated yet user-friendly transmission diagnostics and easy access and connection for the fluid drains.

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