Haldor Topsoe Inc. (HTI) and CoaLogix Inc. have developed a closer collaboration since 2009, which has now been executed into a signed agreement to provide additional value in connection with SCR catalyst supply to the Power generation Industry. HTI will utilize CoaLogix Inc. services exclusively to regenerate spent HTI SCR catalyst to be re-used in the Power industry. HTI will work with its clients to optimize a catalyst loading system including various ratios of HTI

CoaLogix, the leader in SCR regeneration services for power generation is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. CoaLogix has proven that regenerated catalyst has an activity equal to new, and can be available to meet tight schedules. CoaLogix has regenerated over 20,000 modules of catalyst, many during actual plant outages. In addition, CoaLogix has over 40,000 MW under contract for catalyst management services. CoaLogix’ NOxAssure program currently consists of over 3,000 catalyst modules, representing about $30,000,000 of "new value" to coal-fired power plants.

Anders Olsen CEO of HTI commented:" We see this collaboration as a great opportunity to offer our customers another solution to meeting their emission requirements. We are confident that our customers will benefit from lower fill costs while still achieving the desired performance with the optimum mix of fresh and certified regenerated catalyst. Combining the access to certified regenerated catalyst with Topsoe’s detailed knowledge about NOx conversion activity, low SO2 oxidation and the various deactivation mechanisms, enables us to customize optimized loadings for each individual client and specific circumstances."

According to Bill McMahon, CEO of CoaLogix, "Haldor-Topsoe and CoaLogix are working collaboratively with customers to provide more options when they have catalyst upgrades or replacements. Working with a leading catalysis company that has been around since 1940 is a great honor. Collectively, we bring the proven experience, the latest technology and cultures of innovation and services. We will help the power industry’s effort to lower their operating costs while maintaining their emissions compliance. CoaLogix has successfully regenerated more than 2,000 Haldor Topsoe catalyst modules.

Certified Regenerated Catalyst and fresh catalyst to minimize the life cycle cost while maintaining an efficient, trouble free NOx conversion in the plants.

About Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe Inc. is a privately held catalyst and technology company headquartered in Houston, Texas. The parent company Haldor Topsoe A/S is headquartered in Denmark. The ISO certified Topsoe SCR catalyst is produced in our fully automated robotics manufacturing facility in Pasadena TX and serviced out of our Houston office for the North American Market. Haldor Topsoe is one of the largest SCR catalyst companies in the world with more than 750 SCR installations worldwide in the Power generation, Refining and Petrochemical industries. Apart from supplying SCR catalyst Haldor Topsoe also

supplies a number of technologies for SCR installations to improve mixing and flow distribution in the SCR reactor. Haldor Topsoe also supplies Hydroprocessing catalyst and Licensed Technology for the refining industry and Catalyst and Licensed Technology for the fertilizer and petrochemical industry.

About CoaLogix

CoaLogix Inc. is focused on providing innovative services to coal-fired generating facilities to reduce their environmental footprint through technology, optimization and efficiency improvements. CoaLogix owns SCR-Tech, LLC which is the leading provider of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) management services and catalyst regeneration technologies used by coal-fired power plants to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. Currently, coal-fired power plants contain approximately $1.5 billion of catalyst in their SCR systems. CoaLogix integrates leading-edge technologies, a highly skilled workforce, and more than 160 years of combined senior management experience in the environmental and power generation industries to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that help our customers achieve and maintain compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. CoaLogix major investors are Acorn Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACFN) and EnerTech Capital.

About Acorn Energy

Acorn Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACFN) is a publicly-traded holding company with equity interests in CoaLogix, Coreworx, DSIT, Gridsense and US Sensor Systems Inc. These companies leverage advanced technologies to transform and upgrade the energy infrastructure around the world. Acorn companies are focused on three problems in the energy sector: improving the efficiency of the energy grid, reducing the risk for owners of large energy assets, and reducing the environmental impact of the energy sector. Acorn’s strategy is to take primarily controlling positions in companies led by great entrepreneurs. For more information visit: www.acornenergy.com.

About EnerTech Capital

EnerTech Capital is a pioneer in the CleanTech space and has been successfully investing in energy and clean energy technology companies since 1996. The Firm brings a practical, proven and seasoned approach to its investment activities while focusing on early to expansion stage opportunities that dramatically improve the profitability of producing, transporting/transmitting or consuming fuels/power. EnerTech is located in Philadelphia and Toronto. For more information visit


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This press release includes forward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include competition in the market for catalyst and regeneration and possible adverse changes in governmental regulations affecting utilities’ need for catalyst. For disclosure of additional risks and uncertainties which may affect CoaLogix’ business and prospects and Acorn Energy, Inc.’s business generally, see the information under "Risk Factors" in Acorn Energy’s most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and Annual Report on Form 10-K as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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