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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Announces Intent to Acquire Specialized D&D Expertise

WILMINGTON, North Carolina—December 10, 2018—GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) announced today its intent to acquire the business and certain assets of REI Nuclear, LLC (REI Nuclear), a Columbia, South Carolina-based decommissioning technology and tooling design company. Subject to ongoing discussions, the acquisition is expected to close by the end of 2018.

REI Nuclear specializes in performing preliminary design, testing, tooling, project management, technical support, segmentation planning and waste management for nuclear facility decommissioning and dismantlement (D&D) projects.

“With REI Nuclear’s technical and project planning expertise, we will be able to increase value for our customers by further strengthening the planning and field execution of decommissioning projects,” said Lance Hall, Executive Vice President of GEH. “Together, we are positioned to capitalize on the rapid expansion of decommissioning projects worldwide and support our customers throughout the nuclear power plant lifecycle.”

“The combination of the decades of decommissioning know-how of GEH and REI Nuclear has proven to be a highly successful project team,” said Grant Phillips, CFO, REI Nuclear. “We could not be more pleased to continue supporting GEH in nuclear plant decommissioning projects.”

GEH has utilized REI Nuclear technology for projects that include the dismantling of two reactors at the Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant near Oskarshamn, Sweden. This work includes cutting and packing reactor internals for final disposal and will continue through 2019.

GEH offers comprehensive D&D project expertise, including experience gained from reactor internals replacement projects in Japan and segmentation scope for extended power uprate projects in the U.S.

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