Press Release

Fluence Announces New Contract Manufacturing Facility in North America to Address Ongoing Supply Chain Constraints and Better Serve Regional Needs

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 04, 2022 — Fluence Energy, Inc. (“Fluence”) (NASDAQ: FLNC), a leading global provider of energy storage products, services, and digital applications for renewables and storage, today announced that Fluence has partnered with a contract manufacturer to open a new manufacturing facility in the United States to better serve regional delivery and address ongoing supply chain constraints. The facility will be located in Utah and will serve the company’s customers in North America.

Fluence Cubes are slated to begin shipping from the facility in September 2022 to support Fluence energy storage products—Gridstack, Sunstack, and Edgestack. Production capacity at the Utah hub will start at 75 Cubes per week with plans to ramp up to 150 Cubes per week. The addition of this contract manufacturing facility will expand Fluence’s production beyond Asia to meet increasing global demand and allow Fluence to better serve regional markets.

“At a time when the energy storage industry has seen increased supply chain disruptions, this production hub will be particularly important in strengthening business continuity and improving flexibility for meeting customer needs,” said Fluence SVP & Chief Supply Chain and Manufacturing Officer Carol Couch. “By opening this new facility with our contract manufacturing partner, Fluence is even better positioned to support customers with the rapid deployment of storage in North America.”

Fluence has also created two spare parts hubs in Europe and the United States to support ongoing operations and maintenance of its customers’ storage assets through a new service called Fluence Spares Direct. These hubs, located in Utah and Ireland, both became operational within the last few months, and are strategically positioned near large storage markets and customer fleets.

In addition, Fluence is expanding its product testing facilities by opening a new product testing lab in Pennsylvania this August. The lab will serve as the primary location for system-level testing of various configurations of the company’s energy storage products. System-level testing supports quality assurance and is crucial for the rapid iteration, testing, and launching of new Fluence storage technology and products.

“The markets we serve have unique use cases, customer needs, and regulatory requirements, and these new facilities are an expansion of the ongoing regionalization of our operations,” said Couch. “We look forward to utilizing this new contract manufacturing center, spare parts hubs, and testing lab to continue to better serve our customers across the globe.”

Since 2021, Fluence has invested in the regionalization of its operations across the globe to address distinct regional challenges and policies. Fluence currently has a local presence with offices in nine countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. Earlier this month, Fluence announced the opening of a new technology center in India, becoming Fluence’s first technology center based entirely in Asia. The Fluence India Technology Centre complements existing technology center teams in North America and Europe. Together, the company’s technology teams support Fluence’s regionally focused operational model and create a strong foundation for new product introductions and regionalized product support.