EthosEnergy has been awarded a $13m contract by Zhaikmunai LLP for a refurbishment, upgradeof a Frame 5 package and Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) at their plant in Kazakhstan.

Andreas Bork from Zhaikmunai LLP said, “Our previous work and LTSA contracts with EthosEnergy on our Solar® gas turbine fleet meant that we knew they would deliver the best solution for our needs. Their ability to supply, install and commission the Frame 5 package quickly meant that we made significant costsavingswhich would not have been recognised had we purchased a new package.

“In addition, EthosEnergy converted a combustion system to DLN as part of our package refurbishment, which upgrades the system to comply with tightening Kazakh emissions regulations, ensuring minimal impact to the surrounding environment.”

Hans-Juergen Ciesielski, VP of Gas Turbines Europe at EthosEnergy said, “Having other LTSA contracts with Zhaikmunai gave them the confidence that we had the capabilities needed to carry out this project. Our ability to provide installation and commissioning in a faster timeframe fit the customer’s requirements, while also making savings.

“This contract also allows us to expand our business within the region, giving us the opportunity to share our value-add with a wider audience.”