Coeur d’Alene, Idaho USA, December 2010 – Energy Products of Idaho (EPI), a leading provider of solid fuel fired renewable energy systems, has been selected to provide a state-of-the-art green energy system for the Klamath Falls Bioenergy project in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  The EPI advanced staged gasification system is designed to convert biomass materials into 335,240 lb/hr, of superheated steam at 1005°F and 1515 psia for the 35 MWe renewable energy application.   Northwest Energy Systems Co., LLC has also agreed to purchase two additional EPI energy systems for projects in the western United States.

EPI’s fluidized bed technology has been utilized to handle hundreds of renewable biomass fuels and many other traditional and non-traditional fuels, such as agricultural wastes, municipal wastes and cattle manure.  In this application, EPI’s advanced staged gasification technology allows chipped biomass materials to be utilized as a fuel in a highly efficient manner.
EPI’s fluidized bed technology offers excellent operating characteristics and superior emissions performance while providing a method of extracting usable energy out of a wide variety of fuels.

EPI has designed and provided fluidized bed energy systems for over thirty-eight years with more than 100 installations worldwide.  Specializing in converting difficult waste products into usable forms of energy, EPI is a leader in flexible fuel energy systems.  EPI has twice received Power Magazine’s prestigious “Power Plant of the Year” award for fluidized bed energy systems in the USA. 

EPI is proud to provide the energy system for this exciting state-of-the-art facility.