PlexPower™ designs are faster to install and easier to maintain and operate than traditional cast motor starters resulting in a 73% lower total cost of ownership

ROSEMONT, ILL, AUGUST 9, 2018 — Emerson today introduced a cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-operate alternative to traditional cast and bolted motor starters in the form of its new Appleton® PlexPower™ solution.

Designed for hazardous, wet or corrosive locations such as oil refineries and chemical plants, the Appleton PlexPower motor starter provides electrical apparatus protection combined with the convenience and savings of off-the-shelf components.

Appleton PlexPower motor starters deliver savings up to 73% compared to the total cost of ownership of traditional cast and bolted motor starters. Because they are fabricated from lightweight 316L stainless steel instead of heavy-cast aluminum, PlexPower motor starters require fewer people and less labor time to install. Also, there is no need for conduit seals or cable glands like with traditional cast and bolted motor starters. Plus, the starters are not limited only to switch rack mounting. For example, by locating the PlexPower closer to motors and equipment, electricians can shorten cable runs to achieve lower overall labor and materials costs. Modular design construction using cost effective off-the-shelf breakers, contractors and motor starters also ensures faster commissioning by making replacements readily available from multiple suppliers.

“The Appleton PlexPower delivers on Emerson’s enduring commitment to the electrical professional with a patented design that saves time and money, while giving electricians working in hazardous locations much needed peace of mind,” said Tim Graff, vice president of engineering for Emerson Automation Solutions. “Because it is easier to install, operate, upgrade and maintain, it is the perfect alternative to traditional cast motor starters.”

Appleton PlexPower motor starters offer fast installation by increasing mounting flexibility with a slimmer footprint and flexible, modular design. They can be configured in single or multiple motor starter designs to reduce space requirements in crowded control rooms while meeting exact specifications. In addition, the starters can be mounted standalone at various locations throughout a facility, giving additional convenience while saving valuable space and cabling costs.

Accessibility to enclosures is one of the biggest challenges for end users installing, operating, and maintaining hazardous area motor starters. To access internal components in traditional cast and bolted enclosures, up to 70 bolts must be loosened and then tightened again, leading to extended production downtime and potentially greater risk to arc flash accidents. Plus, improperly torqued or missing bolts can be dangerous and cause accidents or safety risks. To combat this time-consuming and potentially dangerous situation, the PlexPower is designed for easier accessibility to be quickly opened with a few quarter-turn latches rather than multiple bolts. Only standard tools are needed to open and close the enclosure, which means production lines can be up and running in less time and greater profitability.

The Appleton PlexPower Motor Starter modular design improves worker safety by limiting workers’ exposure to high levels of incident energy when installed close to the application. Component level protection means every component has its own module with its own flame path. The result is fewer workplace accidents, a diminished risk of damaging the flame path, and greater flexibility and convenience for the end-user.

Appleton PlexPower Motor Starters are available with up to a NEMA 1 size starter and have NEC and CEC Certification for Class I, Division 2 or Class I, Zone 1 and Type 4X applications.

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