Doosan Škoda Power won another project in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the second half of 2016. It is the fourth stage of construction of the Samra combined cycle power plant under which the existing gas cycle will be extended by a steam section. Doosan Škoda Power will supply a steam turbine with a 70 MW generator. The delivery shall also include other systems for the turbine set.

The basis of the delivery is a modern single body steam turbine with reheating and axial outlet to the air-cooled condenser.

Client is a Chinese SEPCOIII ELECTRIC POWER CONSTRUCTION CORP. which is also the main contractor for the whole project for the power plant owner and operator Samra Electric Power Company Jordan. Shipping of the constructed steam turbines and other Doosan Škoda Power supplies for the construction are scheduled to mid-2017, and the power plant is planned to be launched for commercial operation about a year later.

There is already one steam turbine in Jordan in successful operation with the output of 135 MW, installed in 2011 in the Al Qatrana steam-gas power plant that serves as a highly positive reference for Doosan Škoda Power.


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Doosan Skoda Power, a member of the Doosan Group, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of equipment for power stations and machine rooms especially equipped for steam turbines. The company’s portfolio includes steam turbines ranging from 10 to 1200 MW. With its vast experience in applications for gas, coal, cogeneration, nuclear and CSP power production, along with ongoing investment in R&D, the company offers high efficiency products combined with extreme reliability and operational flexibility.


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