Doosan Lentjes is to provide its flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) technology for a 2 x 160MWe local lignite-fired power plant located in Canakkale/Can, Turkey, in cooperation with main contractor EKON Industry, Construction and Trade Co. The final client is Turkey’s largest electric power entity, the Electricity Generation Company, EÜAS.

To help EÜAS reduce the negative environmental impact of its energy production process, Doosan Lentjes will apply its proven wet limestone FGD system. With sulphur dioxide (SO2) absorption rates of close to 99%, EÜAS will be put in the position to fulfil all applicable emissions directives.

The scope of Doosan Lentjes’ work includes engineering, the delivery of key equipment encompassing absorber internals, absorber agitators, recirculation pumps, oxidation blowers, as well as, advisory services.

In his function as Product Director for Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS), Frank Oberheid, comments: “This wet limestone FGD project is an important milestone in expanding our business in FGD retrofits on the Turkish market. At the same time, it emphasises our strategy to collaborate with local companies, in this case EKON Industry, Construction and Trade Co., to successfully deliver these kinds of projects.

Doosan Lentjes is a specialist in the delivery of proven and reliable air pollution control technologies, helping customers across the global utility, municipality and industrial sectors to achieve cleaner power generation.

About Doosan Lentjes
Doosan Lentjes is a global provider of processes and technologies for energy production from renewable and fossil fuels. Our specific areas of expertise include circulating fluidised bed boilers, key technologies for the generation of energy from waste, and flue gas cleaning systems. We have been pioneering energy solutions for 90 years and convert millions of tonnes of waste into valuable energy every year.

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