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Continuous Electro-Deionization provides high-flow demineralization for Qatar integrated water and power project

Evoqua’s Ionpure brand continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) modules have been successfully installed as part of the Qatar Integrated Water and Power Plant (IWPP) project, in Qatar. The IWPP project will have the capacity to produce 136.5 million gallons per day of potable water from desalination and will generate 2520 MW of electricity.

The CEDI system provided by Agape Water Solutions, Inc. of USA polishes Reverse Osmosis permeate, generating ultrapure water (UPW) without chemical regeneration. Enhanced Performance Ionpure® VNX 55-EP modules were selected in this role for their ability to produce higher salt and silica rejection, and at a higher flow rate, than any other EDI available in the market.

Designed to meet extremely low sodium, chloride and sulfate specifications, and removing more than 95% silica and boron, these modules consistently produce a 0,1 µS/cm conductivity (10 Megohm-cm resistivity) measure of product water quality.

Specifically, three skids of seven Ionpure® VNX55-EP modules were custom engineered to provide the high level of demineralization and high production rate required. The system is designed to deliver a total of 1,100 gallons per minute for applications including boiler feed to the gas-fired, combined cycle power generation facility at Umm Al Houl, near the Qatar capital, Dohar.

Reverse osmosis, including the RO/CEDI installation, will account for 60 million gallons of the daily water production from seawater desalination, while the remainder is to be supplied by multiple-stage flash (MSF) technology.

The first phase of the Qatar IWPP project is completing, with overall completion scheduled for Q3 2018.

The Ionpure brand is synonymous with sustainable, post-RO electrochemical solutions for industrial, power generation, pharmaceutical, high purity, and reject water recovery. The new enhanced performance VNX and LX modules continue the Ionpure brand tradition of continual improvement to retain leadership in water purification technology. Full details, including new model numbers and discontinued products can be found at:

Agape Water Solutions, Inc is the Ionpure ‘Master Service Provider’ provider in North America and is extremely experienced in supplying high purity and ultrapure water applications featuring EDR and CEDI systems. The company:

  • Provides Ionpure qualified training on the Ionpure product line to third party system integrators, Water Treatment OEM’s, and end users.
  • Maintains inventory and distributes Ionpure products to trained system integrators and OEM’s.
  • Provided maintenance and service on Ionpure products in support of third party system integrators
  • Designs and assembles Ionpure based CEDI systems

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