Press Release

Consecutive Agreement for Long Term Service Agreements in Morocco IHI Group Continues to Expand Life Cycle Business for Power Plant

IHI Corporation (IHI), in cooperation with Steinmüller Engineering GmbH (SE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IHI having a profound technical knowledge of boilers for thermal power generation, has concluded a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) for a period of 6 years with Safi Energy Company (SafiEC)(*1), a power generation company in the Kingdom of Morocco (Morocco).

IHI has delivered the first Ultra-Super Critical (*2) coal-fired power generation boiler in Africa to Safi Power Station (2×693MW) operated by SafiEC in 2018, and the LTSA will cover an extensive technical support including spare parts supply, technical consultation, dispatching of technical advisors and other engineering activities. This LTSA, a second LTSA agreement following that for the Jorf Lasfar Power Plant Unit 5&6 boilers (2×350MW) in which IHI Group concluded an LTSA last year in Morocco (*3), is part of IHI’s Group Management Policies 2019 to promote life cycle business utilizing the IHI Group network.

Safi Power Station

In Morocco, the electricity demand has been increasing rapidly due to the rapid economic growth and social development.  IHI has supplied a total of 4 units of large-scale coal-fired power generation boilers to Morocco, and concluded LTSA for all of the units to support a long and stable operation of the stations.

IHI has an extensive supply track record of large-scale coal-fired power generation boilers both domestically and abroad, as well as a knowledge-rich global network such as SE to provide global solutions through IHI Group companies.

IHI and SE will continue to contribute to the realization of environmental loading reduction, and stable electricity supply through not only supplying equipment and systems that are environmentally friendly and highly efficient but also providing maintenance service as a start to the life cycle business solution toward the global market.

(*1) Safi Energy Company: A power producing company which is invested by Nareva Holding in Morocco, GDF SUEZ in France, and MITSUI & CO., LTD. in Japan.

(*2) Ultra-Super Critical: The steam condition of over 593℃ temperature and over 24.1 Mpa pressure.

(*3) Originally concluded by IHI Power System Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (IPSM), a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI, and this LTSA was novated to SE on 1st April 2019.