Atlanta, GA/USA, September 2011
Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas (CBAM) headquartered in Atlanta/GA has been awarded a contract from Metso Power. The contract will provide the multi-pollutant emissions control system for the Gainesville Regional Energy Center (GREC) BFB Biomass plant in Gainesville, Florida. The system is being supplied by Clyde Bergemann Hanover, the business unit responsible for the air pollution control business within CBAM. The GREC plant, which will burn waste wood from logging and mill activity as well as urban wood waste from clearing, is scheduled to come online in 2013.

Due to the strong existing relationship between the two companies, Metso is very confident in Clyde Bergemann’s ability to apply its proprietary technology to achieve the low air emissions required for the GREC project. Clyde Bergemann’s APC solution includes its proprietary pulse jet fabric filter, dry sorbent injection and activated carbon injection systems to achieve the cleanest air emissions ever required for a biomass boiler in the USA. The modular fabric filter will utilize proprietary technology and be applied to the hot side of the plant‘s low dust SCR, handling elevated gas temperatures while achieving filterable particulate matter emissions consistent with the plant’s air permit.

In coordination with the fabric filter, an activated carbon injection system will provide dioxin/furan and heavy metal control while a sodium-based injection system provides acid gas mitigation. The material handling equipment for the injection systems will be furnished by Clyde Bergemann Malvern, CBAM’s Material Handling business unit. The complete fabric filter and sorbent injection systems will be delivered to site in early 2012.

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Clyde Bergemann Power Group:
The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a global acting enterprise supplying systems and solutions for the energy services market.

The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is world market leading in several business fields and is mainly active in the following areas:

– Boiler efficiency solutions
– On-load boiler cleaning systems
– Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash
– Air Pollution Control
– Air-Gas Handling
– Vacuum belt filter systems for gypsum treatment
– Combustion air systems
– Heat exchanger technology
– Industrial burner and heating systems

Used in fossil fired plants, the technology of Clyde Bergemann makes an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation and therewith supports clean energy generation.