13 February 2020:  Bladon Micro Turbine (“Bladon”), the pioneer in the design, development, engineering and manufacture of micro turbine gensets (“MTGs”), has signed a three-year distribution partnership contract with Alkan CIT (“Alkan”) worth over US$36 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bladon will provide its microturbine powered generators to Alkan for use at telecom tower sites across Africa and the Middle East. Alkan currently covers 18 countries in the region, and this partnership will provide Alkan customers with access to efficient and reliable telecom tower power.

Ahmed Galal, Managing Director, Alkan Communication Networks, said “Having worked with key telecom operators all around the region and having rendered services for more than 30,000 telecom sites over that past two decades; I can confidently say that our collaboration with Bladon will definitely enrich the market and help operators resolve key challenges that used to cause lots of pain. Alkan expertise and Bladon technologies are the perfect match to empower the telecom industry and we’re very happy to present Bladon advanced technologies and Micro Turbines to the market”

Paul Barrett, CEO of Bladon, said “Alkan’s record and reputation in this market make them an ideal partner for Bladon. They are the leading provider of telecom tower infrastructure in North Africa and the Middle East, where many sites have poor electricity supply or none at all. This makes it a great opportunity for Bladon to bring cost effective, reliable and clean energy to their customers and is a natural next step from our launch markets in Southern Africa.”

In addition to a total cost of ownership up to 30% lower than conventional diesel gensets, the Bladon MTG offers a number of other unique benefits to telecom tower owners and operators world-wide:

  • it offers up to 8,000-hour service intervals, which translates to 90% fewer site visits than required for conventional diesel gensets;
  • its fuel flexibility lowers fuel costs and will reduce fuel theft – a multi-million-dollar problem for mobile networks globally;
  • with only one moving part, an ultra-clean-burning combustor and no liquid coolant or engine oil to dispose of, the MTG provides ultra-low noise operation along with class leading emissions that make it a cleaner, quieter alternative to conventional diesel gensets and the world’s first EURO V emissions standard compliant genset.