MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 16, 2011 – AREVA Renewables announced today that 14-year company veteran Bill Gallo will become Chief Executive Officer of AREVA Solar, the group’s global solar business unit headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Gallo assumes his new position effective March 1, 2011. Robert Fishman will continue to serve as CEO during this period of transition.
Gallo currently serves as President and CEO of AREVA Federal Services, where he has overseen the establishment and growth of this 500-employee company focused on public sector contracts. Under Gallo’s leadership, AFS has produced superior returns in a very competitive sector and has emerged as an important player in the self-sustaining clean energy path initiative and technology deployment at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites.
AREVA Renewables CEO Anil Srivastava stated, “AREVA Solar’s world-class concentrated solar power technology is a critical part of our integrated, carbon-free energy solutions. Based on Bill’s proven executive experience at AREVA and his in-depth power sector background, we look forward to some outstanding results as he assumes leadership of AREVA Solar and delivers on our rapidly expanding project pipeline.”
Prior to establishing AREVA Federal Services, Gallo worked for AREVA’s Transnuclear business, and ABB-Impell Corporation, as well as other federal-focused companies, such as Fluor Hanford. He received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. 
Srivastava thanked Fishman for his service to the company and the advancement of its Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar thermal technology.
“Bob Fishman leaves AREVA Solar well positioned for rapid growth,” said Srivastava. “Bob took the company from a start-up to a confident, global leader in concentrated solar power. We thank Bob for his dedication in advancing AREVA Solar’s technology, and we wish Bob the very best in his future ventures.”
AREVA Solar designs, manufactures and installs solar steam generators for its global power generation and industrial customers in a dependable, competitive and environmentally responsible manner. AREVA’s CLFR solar thermal technology is water-conservative and the most land-efficient renewable energy technology available. AREVA Solar has operations in the United States, India, and Australia.
AREVA provides its customers with solutions for carbon-free power generation in North America and all over the world. As the leader in nuclear energy and a significant, growing player in the renewable energies sector, AREVA combines U.S. and Canadian leadership, access to worldwide expertise and a proven track record of performance. Sustainable development is a core component of AREVA’s strategy. Its more than 5,000 U.S. and Canadian employees work every day to make AREVA a responsible industrial player helping to supply ever cleaner, safer and more economical energy to the greatest number of people. AREVA Inc. is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Visit us at  or follow us at Twitter.