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Aggreko’s 30 kVA and 60 kVA Batteries Provide Reliable and Clean Mobile Power

HOUSTON, Feb. 15, 2023  — Aggreko, a leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy solutions, announced today their line of 30 kVA and 60 kVA battery storage modules for 2023. The fully integrated energy storage solutions source Aggreko’s deep knowledge and history of temporary power to provide customers with a clean energy option for their mobile power needs. The 30 kVA (65 kWh) and 60 kVA (120 kWh) batteries are all-in-one solutions that can be easily plugged into an existing power system, providing immediate and cost-efficient energy storage for any number of commercial and industrial applications.

Aggreko’s energy storage solutions for 2023 represent the company’s latest innovations in mobile, clean power. Customers can choose whichever capacity works best for their needs, and the modular batteries can be scaled up as required. Charging can be completed in as little as three hours, and the containerized nature of the batteries means they are delivered with inverters, HVAC, fire protection, and auxiliary components – everything needed to be immediately plugged into a project site, all in one unit.

The flexibility of the batteries enables them to be installed for a variety of applications needing energy storage, from events and data centers to refineries and renewable projects. Aggreko works with customers to design contracts that extend from several months to several years, ensuring that regardless of the type of project, the company’s batteries are well-placed to help clients reduce their energy costs and control their emissions output.

“We’re excited to introduce the latest version of our energy storage systems, providing our customers with the reliable mobile power they’re used to from us in a clean energy package,” says Stephen Saal, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, North America at Aggreko. “Our 30 kVA and 60 kVA batteries meet our stringent standards for temporary power, all while providing an energy storage solution to meet the clean energy needs of our clients. With our 2023 battery lineup, we’ve combined our decades of engineering expertise with our drive to deliver more zero-carbon power for the energy needs of modern industry.”

Aggreko’s latest batteries form a central pillar of the company’s Greener Upgrades initiative. Through this program, Aggreko is introducing updated models of their existing products and launching new ones that are an ideal fit for the clean energy transition. Aggreko’s customers can explore products under the Greener Upgrades umbrella to easily find cleaner temporary power modules for their applications. Along with the 30 kVA and 60 kVA batteries, the Greener Upgrades products also include Tier 4F diesel generators, which meet the most stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for diesel engines, and the Fuel Flex 450 kW natural gas generator.

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