Littleton, Colorado, August 20, 2012 – ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC, announced today that its new, patent pending FastPAC™ series of activated carbon products is now commercially available for coal-fired mercury control customers. FastPAC™ and FastPAC Premium™ are next-generation sorbents that are designed to provide rapid responsiveness of the mercury control system, improved mercury capture, lower residual mercury emissions and reduced balance-of-plant impacts.

In over 20 full-scale sorbent injection tests, the FastPACTM series has demonstrated rapid and efficient mercury capture in a wide range of coal-fired units and has proven especially effective in facilities with cold-side electrostatic precipitator (ESP) configurations, with both low-rank and higher-sulfur coals. In some instances, the substantial reduction in sorbent injection rates can significantly reduce loads on particulate removal equipment and can allow utilities to reconsider capital investments in ESP upgrades and/or baghouse purchases. For more information, please contact the company or visit Booth #508 at the Power Plant Air Pollutant Control MEGA Symposium, August 20-23, 2012, in Baltimore, MD.

“The FastPAC™ series represents a step change in the status quo and sets a new benchmark for mercury capture performance,” said Brian Leen, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC. “These products facilitate cost-effective compliance with the EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards and other mercury regulations. They are one of several exciting product lines that have been under intense development, and we anticipate introducing additional novel activated carbon products specifically designed to address the exacting needs of power plants and other coal-fired facilities.”

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