We would like to create a video that shares what has brought hope to the power community and those we serve as an industry, what you and/or your company has done to assist your local community, and how the power industry will continue to #PowerOnTogether through the pandemic.

The outcome of this project is to learn how the power industry is pulling together to support one another and the community it serves, and how community members are keeping their spirits up, even in hard times.

Submissions should be narrated as if reading a letter aloud to the power community and those we serve. An example from a project that inspired this idea can be viewed here.

Please send in videos of yourself answering prompts (see below) and also short video clips or photos of co-workers, your company, or you in your home office, on the job if you are an essential worker helping to keep the power flowing, or assisting the community in ways that have brought hope to you and others during these challenging times.

Answers to prompts should flow together and be applicable to the power industry and the larger community we serve.

Please submit all videos by Friday, May 22nd.

Prompts to Include:

  • How have you or your company provided hope during this challenging time?
  • What kind words would you like to share with the power community?
  • How has the pandemic helped you to reevaluate your priorities?
  • What do you wish for the power community during this time?
  • How have you or your company helped the power community in this time of crisis?
  • How can we power on together?

Videography Tips:

  • Smartphones are okay
  • Please go into your phone settings and set your camera to record video in 4K at 30 frames per second. If not possible, please shoot in HD at 30 frames per second. Most new phones, like iPhones, can shoot in 4K; it just needs to be selected in the settings.
  • If using a smartphone, please turn your phone sideways for recording
  • Speak clearly and at a steady pace
  • Make sure your environment is well-lit with natural light (outside or near a window)
  • Ensure you are in a quiet space
  • Try to use a makeshift tripod to ensure shake-free shots
  • Do a sound check before sending in your video. If you can’t hear yourself clearly, we can’t hear you either
  • Avoid profanity or adult themes. This is an inclusive project for all ages
  • Utilize free online video tools like webcamera.io for your computer

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