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Water Panel Transmitter Configuration

Optimize Transmitter Installation

Ensuring a proper, consistent set-up of multiple water panel transmitters is a time-consuming, manual process prone to errors. Pure water systems often require several transmitters to monitor various parameters. To simplify this task and reduce the risk of mistakes when trying to transfer the same configuration across multiple water panel transmitters manually, METTLER TOLEDO has introduced the free Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) with its transmitters.

Real-time process control in extensive manufacturing facilities often requires hundreds of measurement points with various parameters. System integrators’ on-site operations, teams, and maintenance personnel are tasked with setting up and servicing countless measurement loops.

Typically, each transmitter must be individually programmed manually through a tedious, button-pushing process to meet the production demands. It is time-consuming to manage all these settings separately for each measurement point and transmitter. And this series of configuration steps must be repeated on each transmitter any time an update is required.

Accurate Transmitter Set-up of Water Panels Has Never Been Easier

Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) software
from METTLER TOLEDO enables users to configure the transmitter and download, upload, save, or print configurations specific to their applications using a USB port on the transmitter connected to a PC or laptop. This unique functionality can save considerable time and effort when setting up multiple transmitters with custom configurations, time after time.

When using TCT, operators can conveniently preconfigure a transmitter at their desk on a PC and then upload that configuration to a transmitter. TCT’s bidirectional capabilities mean a user can program one transmitter and then upload this configuration to another transmitter, or even multiple transmitters, to obtain the same application performance across an entire panel in less time and without the risk of inconsistencies.

Applications for liquid measurement and control vary greatly and are often unique to a user’s location and equipment depending on critical requirements or preferences at that site. To accommodate such challenges, system operators or planners can establish configurations within the TCT program and save a set-up for each unique application.

TCT allows users to create a library of various application-specific configurations that can be stored on a PC or storage device. A configuration can then be retrieved from the library and sent to a transmitter in seconds, providing rapid and repeatable programming that eliminates any inconsistencies with manual programming and operator programming preferences.

Critical features of TCT:

  • Configure transmitter firmware offline using a PC
  • All transmitter keypad programmable features can be done on a PC
  • Upload saved PC configurations to one or more transmitters in seconds
  • Download favorite transmitter configurations to a PC
  • Save application-specific configurations in a library folder on a PC for future use
  • Print transmitter configurations to a .txt file
  • Simple logging of the data stream
  • Flexible and easy to use

Check out this video to see how METTLER TOLEDO’s Transmitter Configuration Tool makes transmitter configuration easier.


Benefits of Transmitter Configuration Tool:

  • Ensures consistent configuration of several transmitters with the same settings
  • Saves time individually configuring multiple transmitters
  • Saves time uploading application-specific configurations from the user-developed library
  • TCT software is bidirectional – data may be transferred from PC to transmitter and vice-versa
  • Transmitter configuration can be completed at a convenient time and location – even remotely or in an office

Achieve an intuitive, easy, and fast configuration of transmitters for process analytical sensors. Download the white paper to see how TCT allows you to program a master transmitter and then transfer that configuration to multiple water panel transmitters via their USB ports.