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TOC Monitoring in Power & Cogeneration Plants

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is one of the most commonly overlooked contaminants in today’s power generation and industrial cogeneration. Controlling organics is important and is especially critical in cogeneration power/steam cycles, where the purified condensate water returning from production processes is subject to organic contamination.

Organics present in power plant waters have a number of detrimental effects. In cogeneration water cycles, they are capable of causing costly problems such as process disruptions and damage to expensive capital power generation equipment, including turbines, pipes and boilers. That is why monitoring TOC is vital for keeping effective operation and reducing unplanned shutdowns.

Organic contamination can cause:

  • Fouling of resins in make-up and condensate deionizers that requires frequent resin cleaning and replacement
  • Breakdown of organics to acids that lower the pH of condensate and cause boiler and turbine corrosion
  • Deposition onto heat exchange surfaces leading to significantly reduced efficiency
  • Foaming in the boiler that can increase carryover of other contaminants into the steam

To help plants avoid all of these problems, METTLER TOLEDO provides analytics solutions with advanced technology for monitoring TOC.

Key applications where a TOC analyzer can provide benefits include:

  • Monitoring membrane efficiency after reverse osmosis
  • Monitoring resin life and efficiency after deionization
  • Ensuring low organic levels are maintained after storage in pure water tanks after final polish
  • Ensuring low organic levels prior to water return during recycle and reclaim processes
  • Monitoring UV light efficiency after TOC destruction in water purification
  • Ensuring final water quality before the point of use distribution lines

METTLER TOLEDO on-line TOC analyzers are designed to improve process control and efficiency by providing uninterrupted monitoring of total organic carbon for a range of water purity levels. Their real-time measurement delivers continuous TOC analysis, enabling rapid preventative actions when excursions are detected. This offsets potential contamination and ensures regulatory compliance requirements are met.

METTLER TOLEDO on-line TOC analyzers meet the need for fast organic contamination detection by using proven, integrated UV oxidation technology and a continuously flowing sample through the sensor. This unique design operates without any measurements delays, moving parts, pumps, membranes, chemical oxidants or reagents, which dramatically increases reliability while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO TOC analyzers:

  • An accurate measurement in less than 1 minute
  • Uncomplicated design for reliable measurement
  • Predictive diagnostics for reduced TOC sensor downtime

Get the White Paper to find out more:

Watch a video that discusses how to measure total organic carbon in power and cogeneration water systems to help avoid damage to critical power generation equipment, including turbines, pipes and boilers.

METTLER TOLEDO also provides a portable solution for TOC. The 450TOC analyzer enables convenient TOC determination, allowing users to rapidly profile a water system. The 4000TOCe with M300 transmitter is an on-line solution for rapid TOC measurement at any point in the water/steam cycle.

Find out more about METTLER TOLEDO’s Total Organic Carbon Analyzers: TOC Analyzers (