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Proper Electrical Analysis of Power and Energy Systems Drives Safe, Reliable Operation

Eldeiry, Nadar
Electrical Supervisor, Analysis, ENERCON

Complex system operability and reliability demands a broad range of electrical engineering analysis and design services to support facility operations for industrial, utility and federal electrical systems. Grid reliability and stability, degraded grid prevention and detection, and system impact studies as a result of modifications, continue to be critical to safe and reliable operation. Detailed electrical analyses to evaluate the effects of load changes on existing equipment, the effects of modifications to existing equipment, and the electrical load impact as a result of installing new equipment are essential.

ENERCON has the experience necessary to perform electrical analyses, calculations and studies for AC and DC distribution systems. This includes load flow, voltage drop, short circuit, motor starting, protective devices coordination, cable ampacity, diesel generator transient loading, transformer sizing, transformer tap optimization, arc flash, unbalanced load flow (open phase evaluation), battery sizing, and battery discharge for various plant line-ups. ENERCON has prepared calculations using ETAP®, SKM Systems (CAPTOR and DAPPER), Paladin® DesignBase™, and other software packages to analyze relay protection schemes, load flow, short circuit, motor starting, transient analysis, and degraded grid studies, all done from switchyard lines to medium voltage, to 600V, 480V and 208V systems.

Typical system modifications, upgrades or replacement projects include:

  • AC Distribution Modification and Calculations
  • DC Distribution Modifications and Calculations
  • Emergency Backup Power Supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Grounding Systems
  • Protective Systems
  • Bus Short Circuit Analysis
  • Coordination of Protective Devices


  • Diesel Generator Loading Calculations
  • Grid Stability
  • Load Flow Analysis/Load
  • Load Sequencers
  • Main Turbine Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Protective Relay System Design
  • Relay Trip Setting Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis


ENERCON also has recent experience completing large-scale plant modifications and engineering packages for power generation facilities, including extended power uprate (EPU) upgrades for nuclear plants.  This includes multi-discipline changes, security system installations, diesel generator upgrades, safety-related applications and augmented quality improvement projects for power, digital and control systems.

Enercon Services, Inc. (ENERCON) is a diversified energy consulting firm specializing in engineering, environmental, and management services. ENERCON is an employee-owned company with 25 offices nationwide, plus international offices in Belgium and Abu Dhabi, and a staff of approximately 1,400, including experienced professionals with advanced degrees, professional licenses and certifications.

ENERCON’s clients include most major electric utilities, chemical and nuclear fuel cycle facilities, oil and natural gas companies, the federal government and many Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1983 as an engineering services provider to utilities commissioning and constructing new plants in the United States, ENERCON has grown to be one of the largest firms providing engineering services to the electric utility industry. Ranked 2nd for U.S. Nuclear Engineering companies, top 20 in Power Engineering and top 200 in Environmental as determined by Engineering News Record, we have grown steadily through our commitment to superior services.






Electrical Supervisor, Analysis, ENERCON