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Multi-parameter Analysis with Compact Silica & Phosphate Analyzer

The 2850Si Silica Analyzer is a water analyzer that features fast and reliable silica analysis, integrated phosphate measurement and a built-in sequencer, allowing you to do more with a single analyzer.

The significance of silica measurement in power plants

Silica monitoring is vital for controlling contamination levels in the ultrapure water used throughout the plant.

In the water/steam cycle, silica volatilizes with steam and settles on turbine blades, which can cause performance degradation. Even a modest thickness of silicate reduces capacity, lowers efficiency and can cause turbine imbalance. This deposition can lead to unplanned shutdowns to address maintenance and repairs. To avoid these consequences it is essential to ensure that the levels of silica throughout the plant water are as low as possible.

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2850Si Silica Analyzer provides real-time silica measurements with minimal maintenance or intervention required.

The significance of phosphate measurement in power plant boilers

Used within power plant drum-type boilers, phosphate treatment plays two important roles. It maintains proper alkalinity within the boiler water and controls scale build-up for effective blowdown and protection against corrosion.

Understanding phosphate levels enables reliable control of dosing in boilers while ensuring excessive, and often harmful, concentrations do not occur.

The benefits of a joint silica and phosphate analyzer

As power generation companies look for ways to increase flexible operation and maximize production, on-line analytics for monitoring and control throughout the water/steam cycle are growing in importance.

To enhance reliability and profitability, controlling two critical parameters – silica and phosphate – at the right time and under budget is crucial.

Monitoring of silica and phosphate requires different strategies. However, with on-line analysis using the 2850Si, which offers reliable and accurate on-line trace-level measurements of silica and verifies proper phosphate levels in your water stream, plant personnel receive timely information regarding any contamination.

Features and benefits of the 2850Si Silica and Phosphate Analyzer:

  • Automatic, unattended calibration provides excellent repeatability and saves operator time
  • Automatic zeroing with every measurement ensures measurement stability
  • Convenient grab sampling allows quality testing of remote samples
  • Intelligent internal analytics ensure peak performance and minimal downtime
  • Configurable simultaneous display of parameters including silica/phosphate levels and measurement timing
  • Available as panel assembly for easier access, or with full enclosure for better ingress protection in challenging environments
  • Multi-stream capability to measure up to four sample streams with one analyzer
  • Small footprint saves valuable panel space
  • Lightweight, compact, simple-to-maintain design

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Silica and phosphate measurement method

The METTLER TOLEDO 2850Si Analyzer provides an automatic semi-continuous measurement of dissolved silica phosphate. Though serving different purposes, accurate silica and phosphate monitoring requires care in order to achieve consistent results. On-line measurement methods use a molybdate reagent that produces a color change reaction with silica, which is detected photometrically. To achieve low-level sensitivity, the color change is enhanced using an additional reducing reagent. This video demonstrates how the silicomolybdate complex produces a color change that allows this on-line analyzer to measure silica and phosphate concentrations.

Watch the video to see how 2850Si Silica and Phosphate Analyzer works

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