Transforming Industries with Industry Clouds

IDC’s report reveals that industry clouds can help companies sustain a competitive advantage in the digital era. While many executives have adopted cloud technology, more than half have not achieved the desired business outcomes. In their recent survey, IDC uncovered valuable insights for organizations looking to get better ROI on their cloud technology investments.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What motivates industry cloud adopters
  • The industries with the highest propensity for adoption
  • The benefits and challenges users experience with industry clouds today
  • The role these clouds play in industry ecosystems
  • The importance of partnerships in building industry clouds
  • Questions to consider when evaluating industry clouds and vendors

Industry clouds offer tailored solutions, specialized services, flexibility, scalability, and increased efficiency, making them valuable in regulated sectors.

Learn more about IDC’s research and how PwC can work with your team to build a customized industry cloud solution.