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Greener Upgrades™ Unlocking a new level of customer value

Introducing our Greener Upgrades approach

Together, we are headed toward a greener future. We are introducing Greener Upgrades™, an initiative developed to support our customers in improving efficiencies, lowering costs and making choices that support their sustainability goals.

By enabling small shifts, we can help make a big difference in unlocking a new level of customer value. Through our new products and innovative bespoke solutions, we seek to partner with our customers to support their energy transition, along their own paths and pace.

Our Greener Power Packages have been designed with our customers in mind, offering simple, flexible and best-in-class solutions to drive reliable and impactful results.

Unlocking a new level of customer value with Greener Power Packages

Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades™ initiative aims to unlock a new level of customer value by combining the latest technologies with a forward-thinking consultative approach to deliver the ideal solutions for our customers.

Aggreko is committed to being a partner for progress in support of our customers’ transition to a more efficient, cost-effective and low-emissions future. By offering greener power packages centered around simplicity, flexibility and innovation we can provide best-in-class technology and tailor-made solutions to drive optimal results.

A closer look at the Technologies and Solutions that make up Aggreko’s Greener Power Packages


Aggreko has been investing in the latest technology to enable our customers’ transition to a more efficient, cost-effective and greener future. Our Greener Power Packages are comprised of new technology that delivers effective ways to increase operational efficiency and performance, while also reducing impact on the environment.

The ’Great’ Package: Tier 4 Final Generators

Specifically designed to cut down on harmful pollutants, our Tier 4F generators comply with the most stringent requirements set out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for diesel engines. They operate in the same way as the cleanest car engines, limiting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter to provide efficient low-carbon & low-noise temporary power. The new innovative fleet will deliver:

  • 98% reduction in the volume of particulate matter (PM)
  • 96% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) expelled
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) when used in a way that minimizes fuel consumption, or by using environmentally friendly biofuels

The ’Greater’ Package: Hybrid Power with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Our modular plug-and-play battery options provide dependable, consistent power for improved operational performance, while reducing your costs and carbon footprint. With a hybrid solution that combines our  low-emissions Tier 4F generator and battery energy storage systems, fuel is only used when it’s needed most. Through a fully automated system, the generator can turn off during non-peak hours or at night, and the battery system can provide the required power. With this package, maximum flexibility and control can be achieved over how power is generated and used, leading to enhanced efficiencies, cost savings and reliability.

The ‘Greatest’ Package: Off-grid hybrid power with alternative fuels or On-grid Electrical Distribution

With an off-grid hybrid power system, integrating low-emissions Tier 4F generators and battery storage with the use of cleaner alternative fuels, such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), can help to achieve the greenest level of temporary power.

When house power is available with sufficient grid capacity, a power distribution solution can be designed and deployed, providing an efficient way to reduce emissions, improve reliability, and maintain production rates. With a house power distribution solution, emissions are reduced even further, fuel costs are eliminated, all while enhancing reliability.

All our technology offerings include the following services to provide with you the most complete solution:

  • Right-sizing (load on demand) to minimize inefficiencies
  • Remote monitoring services to improve the reliability of our solutions
  • Fuel & DEF management service to optimize fuel use and replenishment

From GREAT, to GREATER to GREATEST, the more complete the package, the more enhanced the benefits.

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