INDUSTRIAL WATERMPW’s emergency response pays off for Virginia Challenge:

When a Virginia power station had an issue with its existing Reverse Osmosis [RO] process, it called on MPW to supplement its water needs during an excessively cold winter.

The plant lost RO functionality at one of its four power-production units, which would severely damage its ability to meet power demand, unless the situation could be hastily remedied. The highest priority of the operation was to get a quick source of supplemental high-purity water to the customer.

Further complicating the issue were the relatively tight restrictions on the water quality from Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality.


MPW’s technical and field services teams, in conjunction with sales, came to the conclusion that the best solution would include a combination usage of the mobile RO and 10 million grain mobile DI trailer.

MPW, with its 24/7 remote and online support, offered the best option for this customer because of its ability to respond quickly and effectively.


The efficiency and productivity of MPW resulted in a run at 150-160 GPM, and precluded an RO clean at the facility. The system produced over 10 million gallons of high-purity water during the project.

The customer kept the unit online throughout the winter, allowing production of increased amounts of megawatts which in turn meant increased profitability for the customer. MPW field representatives maximized safety and efficiency by utilizing remote monitoring and automated processes.

“We appreciate the ability of MPW to bring in a portable RO and DI unit just before the start of a big snowstorm and record-cold temperatures,” said a supervisor at the power plant. “The logistics and field service personnel were in tune with our needs. MPW was able to deliver and operate the equipment under a time crunch due to the deteriorating weather conditions which allowed us to continue to keep our units running without any down time.”

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