POWER [November 1, 2013]

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Top Plant: Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

Owner/operator: Bruce Power According to Duncan Hawthorne, president and CEO of Bruce Power, 2012 was one of the most successful years in the company’s history. The $7 billion investment to revitalize four

Top Plant: Turkey Point and St. Lucie Nuclear Plants, Florida

Owner/operator: FPL Florida Power & Light (FPL) announced the afternoon of April 17, 2013, that its Turkey Point Unit 4 had completed its planned outage and was resynchronized to the grid earlier in the

Top Plant: Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station, Killona, Louisiana

Owner/operator: Entergy Corp. Courtesy:Entergy Corp. The Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station has been providing power to the Gulf Coast since 1985, when Entergy—then Louisiana Power & Light—first


Luminant Tests First Nuclear Industry Large-Scale Wireless Monitoring System

In June of this year, the global remote monitoring company Azima DLI and Luminant, the Dallas-based power generation division of Energy Future Holdings, announced the launch of a pilot program to evaluate a

Reducing Bottom Ash Dewatering System Maintenance

Many coal-fired power plants use water to cool and sluice bottom ash away from the bottom of the boiler for final disposal, and then they recirculate the water for reuse. This system is also known as a

South Korea Walks an Energy Tightrope

South Korea, the world’s eighth-largest trading nation, whose trade volume has surpassed $1 trillion for two straight years, barely avoided blackouts between June and August this summer after the country’s

V.C. Summer Nuclear Station Construction Update

On Mar. 30, 2012, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. (SCE&G), principal subsidiary of SCANA Corp., and Santee Cooper, South Carolina’s state-owned electric and water utility, received approval for

Why Your Power Plant Needs a Water Management Plan

Recent articles in POWER and elsewhere have noted that all types of generating technologies are more frequently feeling the pain of constrained water supplies. The limitations can come from increased



Natural Gas Is Ready Now to Power Emerging Markets

Paul Smith A few short years ago, our nation was scrambling to import natural gas from abroad, and an energy-secure America was little more than a pipe dream. Oh, the difference a decade makes. Advances in

New Products

New Products (November 2013)

Industrial lighting company Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new explosion-proof LED light designed for portable mounting to ladders, scaffolds, and railings for convenient operation. The

Legal & Regulatory

Beyond the Renewable Portfolio Standard

Renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) have been remarkably successful in boosting renewable generation, especially in the western U.S., where most states enjoy large areas of prime wind and solar potential

Focus on O&M

New Design Solves Scaling Problems on Geothermal Control Valves

Scaling is one of the most frequently occurring problems in geothermal power plants and can prohibit the control of well flow if it builds in the well or wellhead. At HS Energy on the Reykjanes Peninsula in

Global Monitor

First Megawatt-Scale Isothermal CAES Completion

SustainX in September completed construction of what it says is the world’s first megawatt-scale isothermal compressed air energy storage (ICAES) system. The system at the company’s headquarters in

France to Fund Nuclear Reduction with Carbon Tax

Following the election of President Francois Hollande in 2012, France has engaged the public in a series of regional and web-based debates to pin down key tenets of its so-called “energy transition.” The

Giant Wind Power Sockets Installed in the North Sea

A tremendous amount of offshore wind capacity—from 100 MW to 13,000 MW—is expected to play a major role in Germany’s transition to sourcing 80% of its power from renewables by 2050. However, Energiewende

POWER Digest November 2013

RusHydro Completes First Stage of New Far East Hydro Project. The RusHydro Group on Oct. 3 announced it had officially completed the first stage of the 570-MW Ust’-Srednekanskaya hydropower plant on the

Study: Wind Power Curtailment More Cost-Efficient Than Storage

A new study from Stanford University suggests that, if the overall amounts of fuel and electricity required to build and operate energy storage technologies are factored in, grid-scale batteries make sense for

Speaking of Power

Are All Your Eggs in One Basket?

As we announce Top Plant award winners in the nuclear category this month, the global nuclear power industry is at an unusual point in its history: mired in controversy and caution, yet championed by an

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