POWER [September 1, 2015]

Cover Stories

TOP PLANTS: Cengiz Enerji Samsun Combined Cycle Plant, Samsun, Turkey

The Turkish electricity market was opened to competition in 2001 when the Turkish Grand National Assembly passed the Electricity Market Law, which unbundled its generation, transmission, and wholesale power

TOP PLANTS: IPP3, Amman, Jordan

Sharing borders with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, and Iraq, Jordan sits in a very precarious part of the world. To make matters worse, the country’s economy is among the smallest in the Middle East. Chronic

TOP PLANTS: Kyaukse Power Plant, Kyaukse, Myanmar

Emerging from decades of isolation, fragility, and conflict, Myanmar has, since 2011, ushered in a reformist government and embarked upon unprecedented political and economic reforms. Among those reforms has

TOP PLANTS: Panda Temple I and Panda Sherman Combined Cycle Plants, Texas

In the early 2010s, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was staring down the barrel of dangerously low reserve margins, a combination of growing demand and an energy-only wholesale market that

TOP PLANTS: Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant, Qurayyah, Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing major population growth over the next several decades and, with it, rapidly growing electricity demand. In 2013, the country generated 292.2 TWh of electricity, which

TOP PLANTS: Shepard Energy Centre, Calgary, Alberta

As with many areas in North America and Europe, electricity generation in the Canadian province of Alberta is in transition toward cleaner, more efficient, more water-wise power. According to statistics from


Controlling Schedule, Quality, and Costs for New Gas-Fired Plants

Gas-fired power is hot, at least in North America, and quite a few smaller utilities and generators that have never owned a gas turbine plant have begun looking at building…

Four Stealthy Cyber Attacks Targeting Energy Companies

It’s certainly no secret that for many years, the power industry has been a top target for hackers around the world. However, whereas in the past, many of these attacks were relatively easy to block using

Leveraging Fuel Flexibility for Coal Power Plant Survival

While having lunch at a downtown café with my friend the biology professor, the subject of animal extinction arose. “When it comes down to it, we really don’t know exactly why most prehistoric species

NV Energy: Warren Buffett’s Plan for a Structural Power Shift

Warren Buffett bought Nevada’s NV Energy two years ago, a move widely seen as a play for solar and renewable generation. That’s working out. But as the company transitions away…

Optimize Power Plant Operations with Industrial Data Management and Predictive Analytics

In today’s digital world, an optimally run power plant relies on valuable and accurate data in order to ensure assets are running reliably and with minimal downtime. Streaming in from control systems, SCADA

Winning the Cooling Tower Trifecta: Controlling Corrosion, Scale, and Microbiological Fouling

There is a synergistic relationship among the three major cooling water treatment issues: corrosion, scale or deposit formation, and microbiological fouling. In order to control one, you need to control all



A Hydropower Renaissance?

For decades, hydropower plants were mainly built and operated as a cost-efficient source of clean electricity. But despite more than a century of development, there is still scope for expanding generation from

Legal & Regulatory

Get Ready for MATS 2.0

On June 29, much of the power sector rejoiced when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule, finding that the EPA had

Focus on O&M

Fugitive Dust Mitigation Solutions for Coal Stockpiles

Many coal-fired power plants maintain fuel stockpiles for use when the normal delivery of coal to the plant is disrupted. It is not uncommon for a 30-day supply to be maintained in the pile. Most of these

New Digital Meters Replace Old Analog Meters

Power plants use indicators to monitor process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, voltage, current, and vibration. Unless a facility is relatively new, it likely has analog panel meters; some

Global Monitor

France Adopts Nuclear Cap, Carbon Tax Increase, and More

The French Parliament on July 22 finally adopted a law that caps nuclear power generation capacity at its current 63.2 GW. The measure will force utility EDF to shutter nuclear reactors before it starts up its

New Nickel Alloy Material Could Extend Reactor Lives to 120 Years, Say Russian Researchers

A subsidiary of Rosatom’s nuclear engineering division, Atomenergomash, says a new nickel-alloy steel grade developed for the VVER-TOI core shell will extend the service life of the reactor vessel up to 120

POWER Digest (September 2015)

ABB Snags $450M Contract for Norway-UK Undersea Link. ABB on July 14 won a $450 million contract to supply high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations at both ends of the North Sea Network (NSN), a

Putting a 650-MW Gas Plant Online in Egypt Within Five Months

Power-strapped Egypt’s first fast-track natural gas–fired project was completed in a record 159 days from groundbreaking to commissioning this July. The 650-MW Attaqa Simple Cycle Power Plant near Suez

South Korea Begins Burying Nuclear Waste

The Korea Radioactive Waste Agency (KORAD) on July 13 disposed its first waste in a newly completed low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste disposal facility underground at Gyeongju in North Gyeongsang

South Korea's 24th Reactor Starts Commercial Operation

South Korea on July 24 put online its 24th nuclear power plant. Shin Wolsong Unit 2 (Figure 3) will be the last to use the domestically developed OPR-1000 reactor design. Originally called the Korean Standard

Speaking of Power

Power Industry Wins with Final Clean Power Plan

Though most power generators and states might have preferred to not deal at all with a new rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions, the final Clean Power Plan (CPP), released August 3, gives most of the power

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