POWER [August 1, 2017]

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Ameren's TAC Microgrid Seamlessly Integrates Distributed Energy Resources

The microgrid installation at the Ameren Illinois Technology Applications Center (TAC) near the University of Illinois campus in Champaign—designed, engineered, and constructed by S&C Electric Co. of

Capturing Carbon and Seizing Innovation: Petra Nova Is POWER's Plant of the Year

Winning POWER’s highest honor, the U.S.’s first and world’s largest commercial post-combustion carbon capture system at a power plant is distinctively both a globally significant environmental

Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis System Squeezes Money Savings Out of Water Management

In water-strapped California, managing power plant water usage is more important than ever. Southern California Edison implemented novel closed circuit reverse osmosis systems at five of its gas-fired

Collaboration and Innovation Produce a Powerful Microgrid Solution

The challenge was to take a facility that was far off the grid, and move it forward as an energy self-sufficient complex while also turning an idea into a commercially viable product. That was the impetus

Flexibility, Efficiency, and Low Emissions Make Repowered Facility a Success

The Glenarm Power Plant has been keeping the lights on around Pasadena, California, for more than 110 years. The historic site has expanded over time and has included a total of 17 different power generation


3-D Laser Scanning of Nuclear Plant Piping Systems Reduces Radiation Exposure

It’s no secret that high-radiation areas are scattered throughout nuclear power plant facilities. The challenge is getting work done in those areas while keeping exposure to workers as low as possible. On

A Proactive Program to Mitigate Coal Dust Reduces the Risk of Explosions

Coal, by its very nature, is a dusty fuel. That poses a serious risk at coal-fired power plants, because coal dust can be highly explosive. However, actions can be taken to reduce the risk. Implementing strict

Design Tomorrow’s Combined Cycle Power Plant Using Previous Lessons Learned

Today’s construction boom in the combined cycle/cogeneration sector is great news for suppliers of gas turbines (GTs), heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services. But before this boom…

Market Dynamics Are Complicated as Coal Battles Natural Gas

Several factors favor natural gas when it comes to the future of U.S. power generation. But other forces, such as power demand, energy efficiency, and the impact of renewables, make it a complex fray. Let’s

Microgrids: An Old Concept Could Be New Again

Self-contained, small islands of electric generation, storage and distribution inside the existing grid–microgrids–could be the next big thing in electricity. But some argue they may be just another

Stepping Up Cybersecurity: Power Producers Move Ahead

The energy sector has been hit with almost one-third of the cyberattacks against U.S. industrial facilities in recent years. It is among the top issues, along with reliability, environmental regulations, and



The Impact of Alternative Energy on Electricity Pricing

The rise of some sources of alternative energy such as renewables, storage, energy efficiency, and demand response, and decline in others—specifically nuclear—will continue to impact regional gas and

Legal & Regulatory

Baseload Regulation in a Post-Clean Power Plan World

The relationship between affordable and reliable electric power and the economy, standard of living, and physical well being of Americans is beyond doubt. In the past several years, the burden of environmental

Focus on O&M

The Importance of Maintaining Fly Ash Hopper Bin Level Monitoring

The power industry has a critical need to measure the bin level inside fly ash hoppers under electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). The inherent problem associated with these hoppers is that they are usually

Global Monitor

Canadian Carbon Price Hits a Wall in Saskatchewan

If the province of Saskatchewan does not join Canada’s carbon pricing scheme, it will be unable to benefit from the nation’s recently announced Low Carbon Economy Fund. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said

China Connects Panda-Shaped Solar Plant to the Grid

In late June, Panda Green Energy Group Limited connected the first-ever panda bear-shaped solar plant to the grid. The plant, which is currently in its testing phase, is only the beginning. “This is the

Iran Puts CHP Plant, Transmission Line into Service

Iran on July 12 began operating its first combined heat and power (CHP) plant, a 14.4-MW facility in the Yazd Province in central Iran. The managing director of Yazd Regional Electricity Co., Mohammad Hassan

POWER Digest (August 2017)

Rosatom Gets Approval to Proceed with Turkish Reactors. Turkey’s energy watchdog EPDK in mid-June gave Russia’s state-owned nuclear entity Rosatom the green light to proceed with construction of the $20

South Korean President Details Phase-out of Coal, Nuclear Power

During his electoral campaign, South Korean President Moon Jae-in vowed to end the country’s reliance on coal and also said the nation would move away from nuclear energy. He took a major step in that

THE BIG PICTURE: Nuclear Financial Meltdown

Cheap natural gas, stagnant power demand, and power prices that have fallen significantly since 2008 have jeopardized the economics of about two-thirds of the nation’s 100-GW nuclear capacity, according to…

Three Companies Evaluate Natural Gas Unit Conversion to Hydrogen for Carbon Capture

Three major firms want to evaluate the possibility of converting a natural gas–fired power plant in the Netherlands into a hydrogen-powered plant to possibly capture its carbon emissions.  Statoil

Speaking of Power

Is Natural Gas Threatening Grid Reliability?

If you’ve been paying attention to the power markets in recent years, you know that merchant coal and nuclear power plants are struggling to compete against natural gas-fired generation and renewable

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