MANAGING POWER Direct [May 1, 2013]

25 Differences Between Private Sector and Government Managers

You often hear it said that government should be run more like a business. But a senior industry executive with cabinet-level experience in the Reagan and Bush II administrations explains why it's not that simple.

A Novel Managerial Challenge: Decommissioning Coal

The challenges of running a coal plant are many and varied. But putting one to bed for good can be just as big a job.

Flavor of the Decade: What Energy Utilities Can Learn from Verizon

The experience of telecommunications giant Verizon shows why taglines that promise clear, relevant benefits to customers can be invaluable, as long as the company follows through.

Let’s Dump the ‘Tipping Point’ Metaphor into the Waste Tip

Climate rhetoric has become increasing obsessed with "tipping points." But this sloppy metaphor risks taking good science over the cliff.

Partnering With the Right People

Finding the right people to work with is critical to success, but getting there is no accident.

The CIP Merry-Go-Round: Say So Long to Version 4, Hello to Version 5?

With the ink barely dry on Version 4 of NERC's critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards, a new iteration is on the way, bringing with it some major changes in the way the standards will work.

TREND: Rare Earth Minerals and Free Markets

Far from precipitating a crisis in high-tech manufacturing, the Chinese attempt to corner the market on rare earth minerals has instead inspired some healthy competition and adaptation.

Utility Mergers: Who Has a Vision?

Is bigger better for the energy business? Says a veteran energy lawyer, it depends more on why and how a utility choose to grow. Unfortunately, few regulators are thinking much about it.

What Is Holding Back Offshore Wind?

The potential of offshore wind generation in the U.S. is being held back by a regulatory no-man's-land.

Workplace Drama: Courageous Course Correction

It's never fun to realize you're wrong. But effective leaders know when to admit it and take their lumps.