GAS POWER Direct [October 1, 2012]

Blowing Sunshine

The influx of cheap Chinese-manufactured solar panels has upended the solar industry in more ways than one. The saga offers some lessons on what to do about LNG exports.

Global Prospects for Gas-Fired Power Generation

Driven by the decline of coal in the developed world, new sources of production, broadening availability, and expanding LNG development, installed capacities of gas-fired plants should rise strongly worldwide.

Major Noise Sources and Mitigation Cost Estimates for Gas-Fired Power Facilities

Natural gas–fired power plants can generate substantial amounts of noise. With proper planning and foresight during the design phase, major noise sources can be effectively mitigated, while failing to plan can be very expensive in the long run.

Natural Gas: The Logical Alternative

Natural gas is poised to revolutionize how the United States uses energy, but only if government and industry leaders seize the opportunities it offers.

New Study Advocates Shift Toward Long-Term Gas Supply Agreements

Current low gas prices offer a unique opportunity to lock in savings for years to come—but only if utilities, gas suppliers, and regulators have the vision to commit to a new way of doing business.

Replacing Coal: U.S. Combined Cycle Development Trends, Challenges

There’s plenty of uncertainty in gas-fired power these days, with low prices and impending coal plant retirements. Even so, many generators are forging ahead with some ambitious projects and plans for the future.

Tomato or To-mah-to? GE Gas Engines Do Triple Duty in California Hothouse

Growing hothouse tomatoes might not be the first application that comes to mind for a natural gas–fueled combustion engine, but that’s exactly what an innovative grower in Southern California is doing, with some help from General Electric (GE).

Upgrading Legacy Gas Turbines’ Fuel Control Systems

Relatively simple upgrades to legacy turbine systems can yield big payoffs in efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Why EDF Is Working on Natural Gas

Many environmental groups are calling for a ban on hydraulic fracturing and are even lobbying to end natural gas development altogether. The Environmental Defense Fund is not. The EDF energy program chief counsel explains why.