GAS POWER Direct [July 1, 2013]

Cost Benefits of a Cycling Analysis on a Combined Cycle Unit

Cycling is a fact of life for most gas plants. But do you really understand the true costs of cycling operation? Not having a full picture risks leaving substantial money on the table.

Everett LNG Terminal at the Crossroads

Don’t talk to New England about exporting natural gas. Without the Everett Marine Terminal, the region’s gas supply crunch would be a whole lot worse.

Is Cheap Gas Killing Nuclear Power?

Cheap natural gas is being blamed for many of the nuclear industry’s current predicaments. But is gas truly the culprit?

Natural Gas and Renewables Are Allies, Not Adversaries, Says Report

Though often cast as rivals for the same slice of the generation pie, gas and renewables, according to a new study of the ERCOT market, are natural allies for the long term.

NERC Says Gas Availability Should Be Part of Reliability Assessments

Sounding the call for new perspective, the North American Electric Reliability Corp. says it’s past time to formally consider gas availability and gas supply constraints when assessing the reliability of the bulk power system.

Picking the Right Technology in an RPS Market

The complexities of operating under a broad renewable portfolio standard require careful analysis of the options when planning a new power plant. Here's how one generator in California navigated the sea of conflicting priorities when it was time to upgrade.

Reversing the Drop in Combined Heat and Power Use

The benefits of combined heat and power haven't been enough help it to keep pace with other generation resources. That's why a new regulatory approach is needed.