GAS POWER Direct [May 6, 2013]

Disruptive Generation: Anxious Utilities Ponder the Threats

Cheap gas-fired power stands to upend more than the dispatch order if some new developments under way bear fruit, as utilities may soon be dealing with generation from home-based fuel cells.

Gas Power Needs Wind Generation Too, Says Study

Gas-fired power is due to serve an important role in supporting intermittent renewable generation in the coming decades. But a new study suggests wind power may be able to return the favor—as a valuable hedging resource.

How Much Gas Is There? (Take Two)

The “shale gale” blows on unabated, as new calculations for U.S. gas reserves point toward even greater resources than previously thought.

Is There a Breath of Fresh Air in China Today?

Natural gas has significant potential to reduce air pollution worldwide, but getting there, especially in countries like China, may be more difficult than people think.

Methanation of CO2: Storage of Renewable Energy in a Gas Distribution System

Energy storage has been the achilles heel of the renewable boom, but new technology may offer a way to join gas and renewables even more closely—by using excess renewable generation to manufacture synthetic natural gas from carbon dioxide.

Oregon Utility Weighs Gas Power Options as Coal Exports Loom

It’s not all coffee and hydropower in the Northwest, as Oregon’s largest utility looks toward natural gas to help it navigate the shifting shoals of regulation and renewable mandates.

Summer Power Burn: Are Generators Headed Back to Coal?

Last year's stampede toward gas in the power sector is moderating for 2013, as higher gas prices cut into the economic incentives supporting coal-to-gas switching.