An Open Letter to Utility Managers and Workers: Thank You

Dear utility managers and workers,

We’ve met some of you over the years, and as our employees have been sheltering in place with lights, internet, televisions, and many other modern comforts, we wanted to say thank you.

Too often, energy providers only receive attention when something goes wrong. Because utilities in the U.S. are 99% reliable, utility managers and workers can easily be taken for granted, and that’s wrong.


All of our employees, even the ones that have installed solar and drive EVs, are still connected to the electric grids that you manage and maintain. Most people forget that you do this work 24/7, every day, every year, with or without a global pandemic. We haven’t.

While you focus on powering and balancing a complex grid, we’re able to work, our kids can still learn, and many of us can escape our isolation with the help of our favorite shows, movies, music, or just a lamp and a good book. Once again, thank you.

TJ Kanczuzewski, CEO of Inovateus Solar

Few people know that you have so many daily concerns that have nothing to do with COVID-19. In fact, this pandemic only makes your extremely complex job even more complex. On top of worrying about your own health and the health of your families, you worry about a single squirrel or tree branch accidentally turning off power for millions of people. And not just that.

As I safely type this at home, you worry about having too much power or not having enough. You worry about a downed line, one bad step on an electric pole, one bad gust of wind, and so many more random, dangerous incidents that could add even more pressure to hospitals, supermarkets, parents, and really, everyone. With all of that on your minds every day, the coronavirus must seem like a small distraction. But we know it is not. It’s a dangerous distraction, and it’s one that you still have to face every day with your normal work.

Despite all these challenges during this epidemic, you continue to embrace the transition to solar and other clean energy sources. You’ve understood that we are partners in this transition and not rivals. Your integrated resource plans, renewable goals, smart grid upgrades move forward,

I can’t speak for the entire solar industry, but what I can say is that everyone here at Inovateus genuinely recognizes your work and your sacrifices during this crisis. Thank you for your courage and dedication. We couldn’t keep the lights on, the machines running, and the milk cold in the refrigerator without you.

Stay safe, stay healthy,


TJ Kanczuzewski

CEO of Inovateus Solar