POWER [September 1, 2013]

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Top Plant: Amman East Power Plant, Al Manakher, Jordan

Owner/operator: AES Jordan PSC AES Corp.’s $300 million, 370-MW gas-fired Amman East Power Plant entered commercial service in 2008 and was the first independent power plant in Jordan. The Jordanian

Top Plant: Cape Canaveral Next Generation Clean Energy Center, Brevard County, Florida

Owner/operator: Florida Power & Light No one can accuse Florida Power & Light (FPL) of having anything against natural gas. The biggest consumer of gas in a state with the second-biggest appetite for

Top Plant: Combined Cycle Power Plant Brazi, Brazi, Romania

Owner/operator: OMV Petrom S.A. Romania began the process of restructuring its vertically integrated, state-owned electricity industry to meet European Union (EU) directives several years before it joined the

Top Plant: Sasol Gas Engine Power Plant, Sasolburg, South Africa

Once flush with cheap electricity, the Republic of South Africa has recently been beset by power shortages and reliability challenges as a result of decades of underinvestment in its electrical infrastructure

Top Plant: Southcentral Power Project, Anchorage, Alaska

Owners: Chugach Electric Association Inc. and Anchorage Municipal Light & PowerOperator: Chugach Electric Association Inc. Alaska’s vast land mass broken up by mountainous regions and glacier fields does


Hints of What’s Next from GE on the Technology Front

When Gary Leonard, General Electric’s global technology director for aero-thermal and mechanical systems technologies, spoke with POWER Contributing Editor Mark Axford at this year’s Gulf Coast Power

Potential Solutions for ERCOT’s Challenges

P at Wood III —former head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Texas Public Utility Commission, and current consultant and non-executive chairman of Dynegy—addressed a packed house at the

Quantum Cryptography Promises Un-Hackable Industrial Communications

Cybersecurity awareness and best practices are increasingly central to the power generation, transmission, and distribution industry. Industrial cybersecurity concerns, recently heightened by awareness of how

SILEX Process Promises Third-Generation Uranium Enrichment Technology for U.S.

On Sept. 25, 2012, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a construction and operating license (COL) to General Electric-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment LLC (GLE) for its uranium enrichment plant

What You Need to Know (and Don’t) About the AURORA Vulnerability

Perhaps because the public has been more obsessed in recent years by cybersecurity breaches involving everything from social media accounts to classified military secrets, the amount of attention given to the



The New Environment for the Gas and Electric Industries

By Kelly A. DalyFERC Moves on Natural Gas–Electric CoordinationBy Kelly A. DalyNatural gas–fired power generation has increased significantly in recent years. This trend generally is considered a positive

New Products

New Products (September 2013)

HDE’s Quick-Check Transformer & Capacitor Testers provide a quick and easy test of the primary and secondary sides of de-energized transformers and capacitors for opens or shorts. The Quick-Check

Legal & Regulatory

PURPA at 35: At a Crossroads?

In March 2013, and for the first time in the 35-year history of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) initiated an enforcement action in

Focus on O&M

Considerations When Upgrading Gas Turbine HMIs

Aging human machine interface (HMI) hardware will eventually become a burden on plant operation. Obsolete HMIs can cause problems with connectivity, historical data loss, and hardware failure. As the hardware

Global Monitor

China’s Second- and Third-Largest Mega-Dams Mark Operational Milestones

China hit two of its most significant hydroelectric milestones in recent months: Initial operation of the 13.86-GW Xiluodu project—the country’s second-largest hydropower project after the 22.5-GW Three

Funding for Coal Plants Overseas Curbed on Climate Concerns

In his climate change speech earlier this summer, President Obama announced a major policy shift: The U.S. government will end financing for virtually all new coal power plants oversees. In the wake of that

POWER Digest (September 2013)

Mexico Creates Council to Meet Clean Energy Target. The Mexican Energy Secretariat on July 5 announced creation of the Renewable Energy Council , a body designed to spearhead eight initiatives outlined in a

The World’s Most Colossal Offshore Wind Farm Opens

The $2.9 billion London Array—the world’s biggest offshore wind farm—opened this July in the Outer Thames Estuary about 12 miles off the coasts of Kent and Essex. The 175-turbine installation is arranged

Thorium Fuel Test Begins at Research Reactor in Norway

Norwegian company Thor Energy began a five-year-long irradiation test of thorium fuel at the Institute for Energy Technology’s research reactor in Halden, Norway, marking the most recent investigation into

Speaking of Power

Change and Continuity

Even if you missed Bob Peltier’s retirement signoff in last month’s column, you will have noticed that something has changed. POWER has a new editor at the top of the masthead (its 10th in 131 years

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