POWER [August 1, 2014]

Cover Stories

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System Earns POWER's Highest Honor

The era of Big Solar has arrived, and at the moment there are none bigger than Ivanpah. For overcoming numerous obstacles to build the world’s largest solar thermal plant, the…


Germany Reforms Renewable Energy Laws

A significant reform of Germany’s aggressive renewable energy laws passed its final hurdle on July 11, setting the country on a more market-based path toward future growth. The bill was…

Grid Security Gets Physical

The attack began at 12:58 a.m. on April 16, 2013. Between then and 1:07 a.m., attackers cut telephone and telecommunications cables to Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E’s) Metcalf substation near San

MARMADUKE AWARD: KOMIPO Relocates an Entire Combined Cycle Power Plant

Power plants are, with good reason, almost universally regarded as fixed assets to be operated, maintained, and retired on the spot where they were built. The idea of relocating something as large and

More Strategies for Inspecting HRSGs in Two-Shift and Low-Load Service

This supplement to “Strategies for Inspecting HRSGs in Two-Shift and Low- Load Service” in the August issue includes additional discussion of the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) Inspectors Toolkit and…

Rapid Cycling: The Human Factor

A combination of falling natural gas prices, greater integration of renewable generation, and advancing technology has meant changing roles for many plants, particularly gas turbine combined cycle plants. (See “Managing…

Solid Coal Ash-Handling System Avoids Problems Associated with Wet and Dry Systems

Environmental and climate protection does not stop at the stack of a power plant. Disposal of separated combustion residuals, for example, must also be environmentally friendly. More and more nations are

Southeast Asia's Energy Juggernaut

Consensus is that the locus of world energy demand has shifted away from the U.S. and Europe to Asia, driven by the soaring economies of the 10 countries that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Strategies for Inspecting HRSGs in Two-Shift and Low-Load Service

Aheat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) is much like other power generation equipment—run it at design conditions and chances are it will run with high availability and require only routine maintenance for

Treating WTE Plant Flue Gases with Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is an adsorbent that has been used for a relatively short time in industrial flue gas treatment (FGT) processes. This additive is especially interesting for operators of smaller

WATER AWARD: Jeffrey Energy Center's Constructed Wetland Treatment System

U.S. coal power plants are finding that they need to comply with an increasing number of stringent environmental regulations, and while nobody in any industry looks forward to additional regulatory burdens

Welding and Fabrication Innovations Mitigate Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement in Nuclear Plant Construction

Reactor pressure vessel (RPV) shells in the existing U.S. fleet of nuclear power plants were typically constructed by forging ring segments from ingots of low-alloy steel offering sufficient fracture toughness



Effects of Urbanization on Generation in China

Zeng Ming, Duan Jinhui, Wang Liang, Gu Shanshan In 2013, urbanization in China reached 53.73%. Urbanization has become an important field for national reform. On the one hand, urbanization is effective for

Legal & Regulatory

Bright Future for Energy Storage

California has set an ambitious target of connecting 1.3 GW of energy storage to the grid by 2020. In October 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) mandated that 200 MW of this goal come in

Focus on O&M

Intelligent Monitoring of Distribution and Emergency Power Systems Improves Availability

Problematic power plant systems diminish availability and directly affect plant productivity and efficiency. In order to maintain availability, electrical testing and maintenance services are imperative. Two

Trackers Optimize Yield of Utility-Scale Solar Plants

The utility-scale solar market is rapidly growing in North America, representing a large area of opportunity for project and product developers alike. The market more than doubled in size between 2012 and 2013

Global Monitor

A Spanish Island's 100% Wind-and-Water Power Solution

El Hierro, the smallest island on Spain’s Canary archipelago, in June became what developers say is the first energy-isolated territory to power itself solely with renewables. The project, which was

First Power for Argentina's Atucha 2 Nuclear Reactor

Argentina’s 692-MW Atucha 2 nuclear reactor achieved criticality in early June, marking a major milestone for the country’s third reactor, development of which began nearly four decades ago. A pressurized

France to Slash Reliance on Nuclear in New Draft Policy

France will cap its nuclear power capacity at the current 63.2 GW, forcing closures if new reactors come online, and instead boost renewable generation if a bill unveiled by its energy ministry in mid-June

Indonesia Eyes Tightening Coal Exports

Indonesia, the world’s leading exporter of thermal coal, in June again suggested it could limit coal production and further tighten its control on exports to protect supply for domestic power plants

POWER Digest (August 2014)

S. Korea Extends Renewables Target Deadline. South Korea’s government on June 9 said it would push back the target for mandatory use of renewable energy by two years to ease requirements for the

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And the Winner Is...

The 2014 POWER Plant of the Year makes history, both as a project and as our cover story. The Plant of the Year award goes to the most interesting, usually new, plant in the previous year. Sometimes it’s a

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