GAS POWER Direct [June 19, 2012]

Fracking Guidelines Expand as Technology Evolves

New federal regulations promise to change the fracking landscape in the coming years, perhaps substantially. But technology may be running ahead of the law, as improvements in the fracking process threaten to make some of the new rules unnecessary.

Fracking Toothpaste

There are legitimate concerns with the effects hydraulic fracturing can have on health and the environment, but the discussion is in need of some perspective.

Global Gas Power Projects Quarterly Status Report

A review of the global gas power industry shows solid growth in gas-fired generation. Here's a snapshot of who's doing what, and where.

Just How Much Gas Is There, Really?

Do we really have only a decade of gas left? Or a century? Or more than that? The answer requires agreement on some definitions, and a solid grip on the big picture.

Making the Switch: Converting a Simple-Cycle Plant to Combined Cycle

A lot goes into the decision to upgrade a simple-cycle plant to combined cycle. Careful planning and analysis can make the difference between a profitable, successful switch and an expensive hassle.

Maryland Regulators Order Construction of Combined-Cycle Plant

Not all is well in the realm of PJM, as several states in its jurisdiction have chafed under perceived roadblocks for expanding generation capacity. In April, Maryland fired a shot across the ISO's bow, as its Public Service Commission ordered the construction of a new gas-fired plant.

Trash to Gas = Cash

Municipal landfills across the country have been quietly harnessing their methane emissions for years. But as the appetite for natural gas grows and the price of oil skyrockets, some creative sanitation departments are starting to make some real noise.

U.S. LNG Exports Gather Steam

All but unthinkable a decade ago, the U.S. gas industry is gearing up for a major shift toward export of liquefied natural gas. Across the country, projects are afoot that could make the U.S. a serious LNG exporter within the next decade. GAS POWER reviews some of the major players and issues.

U.S. Power Sector Meets 2020 Climate Change Target—for a Month

The failure of cap and trade seemed to have doomed the U.S. to missing greenhouse gas emissions cuts it committed to at the 2009 Copenhagen conference. But a funny thing happened on the way to the hothouse.